52 thoughts on “KO of the Week: Vitor Belfort vs Luke Rockhold

    1. Jabar K for reals it’s ridiculous this fight should be removed off the records

  1. I know Rockhold is mad right now lol, Dana is definitely trying to get under his skin with this one

    1. SupraBoy187 or maybe this is one of the top KO’s from the Legend that will fight his last fight in a week

    2. TheOsamaBinLiner dana responds to twitter trolls he’s literally like trump dana and luke have been feuding for a couple of months now this has dana’s fingerprints all over it

    3. He doesn’t have too, he just tells the slave that DOES run it to post it….like, yesterday.

    1. Idk, everyone else popped long time ago and then at least once more. He popped for something that makes sense if you take into consideration his coke addiction. Then again, I may be biased. We’ll see what happens against DC.

  2. The boogeyman looks under his bed for Chuck Norris every night

    But Chuck Norris looks under his bed for TRT VITOR every hour

  3. Look at 0:29 – 0:31 – let the conspiracy theories begin! It seems like luke was giving a signal…

    1. HapaHarley haha! You are right. I’ve never been punched in my life. I’ll also add that I can’t imagine why anyone would willingly put themselves in that scenario. Mad respect for fighters. It takes everything in me to not cry when I stub my toe in the dark. With all this being said, Vitor didn’t punch or kick Luke prior to Rockhold nodding. So, he couldn’t have been nodding to tell Vitor, “This is all you got?” This makes him nodding and subsequent wheel kick to the face worthy of a “conspiracy theory.” No? Or Luke could have been nodding to what his corner was telling him to do… Or, the deal was just a kick to the face and Vitor got carried away on the ground, thus, not allowing Vitor to make any more deals which is why he has only beaten Dan Henderson since.

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