home WWE Kevin Owens brings the fight to AJ Styles in a bid for his U.S. Title: WWE Battleground 2017

Kevin Owens brings the fight to AJ Styles in a bid for his U.S. Title: WWE Battleground 2017

United States Champion AJ Styles and Kevin Owens clash for the U.S. Title and blue brand supremacy: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

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73 thoughts on “Kevin Owens brings the fight to AJ Styles in a bid for his U.S. Title: WWE Battleground 2017

    1. Lol this is all Owens fault .. he’s lost what made him special in the ring in my opinion .. guy focused too much on headlocks and shouting nowadays.. instead of Big spots and variety in moves. Just go and watch his matches in 2015, with Cena and compare it to this .. that’s why his Universal Title matches were always disappointing as well . The dude has got way too comfortable , honestly . We’re lucky AJ got a 4/5 star match out of him at Backlash . But Something just has to change with his in ring work .

    1. Ashwin Raj Aj is my favourite wrestler but dont you dare say ko doesnt deserve that, he’s great.

    2. Styles should not win the title and lose it that fast. At least wait till Summerslam to lose it. Course it looks worse when the ending was a train wreck.

    Aiden defeated Tye Dillinger.
    New Day are new tag champs.
    Natayla new #1 contender.
    Nakamura defeated Corbin by DQ.
    Kevin Owens new US champion.
    John Cena defeated Rusev.. again.
    Sami Zayn defeated Mike Kanellis.

    1. Bro I Called It All I Said For The Main Event Someone will return I Called The Entire Battleground matchcard But Lost One which Is Aj Losing Like Why I Said Adein English cause Vince Loves making hometown guys lose You Know What happens WWE when your stupid idiots YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!!!!!!

    1. seth freakin rollins such your mouth… Put some good videos on you channel and you will get subscribers and likes… dont ask for like donations here.

    1. Plzz let cena winn that cringe match because he is a good us champion and every week there will be a us open challenge and smackdown live can get more ratings then raw

    1. Jason Doe No Nakamura will keep feuding with Corbin. While Styles will either get a rematch or will move up to go after the World Title. Styles vs Nakamura won’t happen until their is a title on the line. They wouldn’t waste their first match in the WWE with no stakes being involved.

  2. That was definitely a botch finish… there’s a reason they didn’t show the replay

    1. Suzuki-Gun #Ichiban Kevin Ownes Should Have Been Disqualified He Threw Styles At The Ref Like Wtf

    2. Possibly. I was there live and after the match, the ring crew started setting up for the flag match in the dark. When the lights came on again and the ring crew were working, AJ was still out there arguing with the ref when he should of been heading towards the back. Then, afterwards he grabbed the steel steps and threw them angrily. I’m not sure if he was selling or not, but it looked like he was legitimately angry about the finish.

    3. Casimir Yeah the finish was changed in the last minutes or so i guess aj was unaware of that

  3. I’m going to Summerslam where I will become YOUR next Smackdown women’s champion! Ahahahahahaha!

  4. Kevin Owens is getting pushed way too much. I can barely remember a time he didn’t have a title. 1x Universal champion, 2x IC champion, now 3x US champion? Bs

    1. The Lunatic Fringe That’s because he’s great. Entertaining. Im glad he’s consistently in the title scene

    2. True Jackson Thats because he has always been one of the most over talents in the WWE. And one of the only great heels SD has on their entire roster.

  5. Damn I’m thinking this is one of aj’s worst wwe matches just because that ending. Jesus him and nakamura had dissapointing matches tonight. Wrestling was good but dissapointing endings for both matches.

    1. Nakamura needs to work with Zayn for a little bit .. Those 2 have great chemistry …
      AJ Styles needs to work with some others except Owens .. AJ Styles is just great in general .. He just doesn’t work so well with certain individuals and it’s rare.
      Hell, If AJ get’s it back .. Why not AJ Styles vs Nakamura vs Zayn for the title .. Let the 3 get some motivation for the company back.

    1. So owens was the next on your LIST.
      I’m guessing after Owens it will be Jinder then it will be another Indie guy.

    1. Dylan yeah one of the best wrestlers today is overrated? I dont like Miz, so i can say Miz is overrated, maybe Miz is not best in the ring but he is hell of a worker. And KO is different great heel, great mic, great in ring skill and also funny guy 🙂

    1. Aj freakin Styles hey aj hopefully you get your rematch you are that dame good ps huge fan

  6. One more thing, if John Cena was facing AJ styles for the united states championship, and he if he won, then you aj styles fan boys won’t even care because he is John Cena. You guys don’t care if Cena is overrated. Instead, you start to immediately say that Kevin Owens is overrated because he is “fat”. You are jealous because of his success in the WWE.

    1. Kokushi Muso It means a lot bro, we all know that wwe’s not gonna listen to anyone’s opinion, KO is a great wrestler, even I’m kind of disappointed about AJ’s lost but KO is a great wrestler with great mic skills, but seeing people criticising that KO is overrated makes me sick, both are doing what they were told then why everyone is saying he’s overrated.

    2. Salunaz We hate on him bc he is a heel….HMMMM SOUNDS LIKE HES DOING HIS JOB RIGHT.

  7. What’s the point of giving Styles the championship at a house show if they gonna have him drop it back to Owens at next ppv? Owens is boring as the champion. WWE creative at it’s best.

    1. TheDeviantPro to bury the NJPW US titles tournament so when people search for that on YouTube or social media they get WWE results appearing first instead.

    2. not again please, this have been repetitive and I think last night’s match wasn’t as good as the others they had. So a match in Summerslam won’t make any sense, since K.O won’t lose the title again that fast. The only thing to save the title (because Owens bored me lately) is to have K.O vs Sami Zayn (again) and finally give him his first WWE title

  8. boooooo barely a month and already lost the U.S championship i thougth he would have a longer run with it aj should get it back at SS AND HAVE A LONGER RUN

  9. AJ Lost No Way…..🙁😕😖😥😫💧💧💧

    GO KO now we have a real US Champion Kevin Freaking Owens….Baby

    1. Valentina Fernández you’re crazy Aj was the first legit us championship since cena had it

    2. Continuu 2Amaze owens is a legit champion to his whole gimmick is based on the title. Your comparing that to a 3 week reign?

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