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Kevin Durant’s VERY BEST Plays from 2016-2017 Regular Season & Playoffs!

Kevin Durant had an outstanding season with the Golden State Warriors and has continued his play into the playoffs. Check out his best plays from the regular season and playoffs up to the Finals here!

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  1. Kevin Durant is the most complete scorer of all time. But he’s not the best scorer. MJ, Will, Kareem are better. Kevin Durant is one of the best SF of all time. But he’s not the best. Bird and LeBron are better.

  2. Kevin Durant – “if you cant beat them, join them”.

    Zaza Pachulia – “if you cant beat them, injure them”.

    Draymond Green -” if you can’t beat them, kick them in the nuts”.

  3. He’s the 2nd best player in the NBA right now, better than Curry Westbrook or Kawhi (cavs fan btw, don’t know if that matters but thought I should mention it).

    1. I think there might be an argument there for Kawhi but, without his finals MVP he he is only an amazing defender and really hasn’t had the chance to prove himself. This was supposed to be his year but Paculia’s foot was like NO

    2. Plink Steven lol.😂 Pachulia fucked him up. I think Kawhi definitely solidified his spot as a top scorer, we all know he is a top 2 defender in the league, but he is making his place for top 10 scorers in the league too so he’s really an all-around superstar.

    3. Well Durant is a better shooter, attacks the basket better and a better scorer in general. Kawhi is the MUCH better defender but Durant also gets more rebounds and assists. For me Kurant is better but Kawhi is the closest for 2nd place in the world right now

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