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Jarrius “Little JJ” Robertson is named a WWE Hero

At SmackDown LIVE in New Orleans, Jarrius "Little JJ" Robertson receives a WWE Hero award for his courage, perseverance and dedication to helping others.
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78 thoughts on “Jarrius “Little JJ” Robertson is named a WWE Hero

    1. North wtf I was the 2ND person to comment Wat u said is dumb so just get off the internet and stop embarrassing urself


    But seriously, #PushLittleJJJarrius

    1. Let me guess, ur either a woman who thinks he’s sexy or a little kid who thinks he’s some sort of super hero. Cus u obviously don’t sound like a wrestling fan

    2. King Wasteman ok look, im a suportive person why tf, im a man who doesnt know how to change his name, and you dont sound like it either on how your trying to talk to me like that, your trying to sound like a wanna be too so

    1. Lord Hazard poor smark is a little kid and you mentioned Roman? what a dumb…

  2. People show respect to the kid all the comment section is about fin baller being terrible I thought they would be more about the awesome kid

    1. Miyah Toyz Review you look 7 why would you write something like that, that’s just idiotic.

    1. King Eman the wrestling community need someone to irrationally dislike. they always do it.

    2. Adit Davi it’s not just one guy Snake Eyes Lunatic Fringe and one other account is from the same person I know them them go to my school

    1. ShadowGamesHD Almost all WWE fans are like that in some way. Smark or not. I don’t know if you’ve ever realized but the WWE fanbase is almost unbearable. It’s not easy to explain, just read a few comments and you’ll know what I mean. There’s some very ignorant and mindless fans that don’t think about things fully. “Where’s Tye Dillinger!!” yet he’s only been gone for a few weeks. Not everyone can have TV time, and not everyone can have a push like the fans want them to. I swear they comment about a wrestler being buried when they lose once or twice. Somebody’s got to lose! It’s really not that hard to think past something and say “well maybe WWE can’t push Tye Dillinger because we’ve all been begging 10 others to get a push on a 2 hour show”

    2. King of Burying Triple H Oh no I just saw your irritating smile again….change your pic!!!!

  3. who the hell are the 11 or more who disliked this video, he’s a little child who has went threw more stuff than you and he’s way too young to even be going threw that, i give shame to those who disliked this video, you guys really hate wwe that much? there a big company yeah, but it helps children and others in need, or gives awards to those who do help, you guys who disliked this video are no help at all, im not trying to be rude but the one’s who dislike this video are a waste of phone users who need to get there stuff taken away and suffer threw the same that that little child is going threw to see if you would like the same. I hope everyone else who likes this video has a good day

  4. Oh my God whats happen with the WWE Universe.All the hate

  5. Wow Finn balor looks to be on the road to become the new Roman reigns why so much hate ???

    1. The se7en
      Somebody is making like 30 Accounts just spreading Balor hates, don’t worry, who ever it is they just want attention

    2. Don’t Subscribe: yeah but it kinda a smart he knows the most of the wwe crowd is a bunch of bandwagons that why roman is hate now so if he made 129383820293737 accounts he think it would make every boo him

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