37 thoughts on “In the Stanley Cup Playoffs, every goal counts

    1. Chip Tamplin exactly…the irony of this title…both games decided by two goals, which only happened b/c they pulled the goalie to create that margin…if both those goals count, they’re tie games and the pens don’t win either game by two. the moment the preds got jacked game 1, you knew which way this series was going.

    1. That Drug Dealer Behind You’re House shut up. They had a 5-3 and couldn’t score. And the whistle blew. It’s not his fault. When u loose sight of the puck, you freeze it. Dummy

    2. caused nashville to lose? it was 0 -0 until 90 seconds left in the game they had plenty of other chances to score. i mean they had 4 power plays and one of them were a 5 on 3. i’m not defending the ref blowing the play dead as i thought it was too soon and yes i’m a pens fan saying this, but to say that one call caused the preds to lose when 99% of the game was tied at 0, when they had an ample amount of chances to score after that, is ridiculous.

    1. Cameron 2k7 XD. I see that your a blue jackets fan. I hope you guys continue to get better, I like the rivalry we are getting with you guys.

  1. Ottawa had a chance to win Game 7 3-2 if the refs did not blow the whistle when Kessel’s own teammate shot the puck behind his head while Sens had possession of the puck afterwards.

  2. every goal ??? even the ones that were called off because they were in play but the ref “couldn’t see the puck”.. this series saw some of the worst officiating between two amazing teams… too bad

  3. The league has no idea which goals count and which don’t. A great game run really badly sometimes.

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