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Highlights from 2017 Minicamps! | NFL

The best highlights from the 2017 NFL Minicamps.

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73 thoughts on “Highlights from 2017 Minicamps! | NFL

    1. Mr. Roaring Riot I need to be in a coma for the next 81 days, football can’t come soon enough

    1. the new York sports fan Giants don’t have a good enough offense to even make it to the NFC championship

  1. with all these good rookies entering the NFL
    there’s no telling which team is going to the Superbowl

    1. More like there is no telling what the records are gonna be because we all know it is gonna be Patriots for the AFC

    2. XXKING-B-XX yes just look at the cowboys last year, they went 4-12 in 2015 then brought in two rookies and went 13-3

    1. eagles are gonna go to the playoffs
      i wondered if alshon was gonna shine better with carson as his QB

    2. +The Keeper stats say it all hater lol are you little mad or big mad? 😂 calling him garbage might as well say Tom Brady is a bust

    1. He sucks in coverage his hips are bad an his ball skills are trash I don’t know about a monster bro he’ll be solid tho

    2. Vinicius Cristelo there are good people on the browns, like 10 time pro-bowler Joe Thomas

    3. Cringy Gaming there’s good/talented players on every team the Browns included Joe Thomas and Jamie Collins are examples

    4. Zakee Jones-Rumph I know but he made it seem like everyone on the browns are terrible

    5. Cringy Gaming definitely not they’re a solid quarterback away from being a decent team I wish they kept Pryor tho but the Browns are honestly headed in the right direction

    1. Manuel Salas and two rookies carried your team. So if Dak and Zeke have a sophomore slump then u better be praying for your cowgirls

    2. danny fonseca our defense is trash?? we beat patriots with gronk @ home dont be mad cuz we better

    1. Righteous Kung Fu honestly here in Dallas we got faith for them I’m so ready for football season !

    1. Alk Ward you mean a season where he has more weapons and experience? If he doesn’t get injured I suspect he’ll move even farther up the list as he’s the best duel threat quarterback in the league

    2. Dempy 1 He’s good, but saying he’s the best duel threat quarterback after only 1 season is a bit much.

    1. AlphaGrape I am your dad #savage jk I’m really not I’m w kid don’t take this seriously I’m joking 😂😐😟

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