31 thoughts on “Happy Korean New Year 2017

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    1. Korean New Year (Hangul: 설날; RR: Seollal; MR: Sŏllal, also known as: Wondan
      , Wonil , Sinwon is the first day of the Korean lunar calendar. It is one
      of the most significant traditional Korean holidays. The celebration lasts
      three days: the day before Korean New Year day, Korean New Year day itself,
      and the day after Korean New Year day. “Seollal” generally refers to
      Eumnyeok Seollal (lunar new year), also known as Gujeong . “Seollal” may
      also refer to Yangnyeok Seollal , also known as SinjeongKorean New Year
      generally falls on the day of the second new moon after winter solstice,
      unless there is a very rare intercalary eleventh or twelfth month in the
      lead-up to the New Year. In such a case, the New Year falls on the day of
      the third new moon after the solstice; the next occurrence of this will be
      in 2033.

    2. Koreans and Chinese share the same calendar, but celebrate new year
      differently and have different traditions. they are considered separate

  1. 와 바르샤 공식 유튜브채널에 한국인 ㄷㄷㄷ 자랑스럽다. 나도 유스팀 갈래 헤헤

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