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Goldust gets a tattoo to honor his dad, Dusty Rhodes: Superstar Ink

WWE Superstar Goldust joins Corey Graves at Luke Gallows' Painted Gypsy Tattoo in Conyers, Ga., to get a tattoo in memory of his late father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes.
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82 thoughts on “Goldust gets a tattoo to honor his dad, Dusty Rhodes: Superstar Ink

    1. Stevie Stevenson Dean’s boring reigns and Movesets>>>>>>>>>>>Whole thing about Roman Reigns since turn face.

    2. Stevie Stevenson Meh u people who don’t know wrestling.
      1.Why we hate Roman
      2.Why we hate Dean
      3.Why Miz the best
      4.Why Braun’s the best big sweaty heel man

    1. Cody rhodes have challenge okada which is going to be Awesome
      WWE does not deserve Cody Rhodes

    1. he has to retire first lol he is amazing to still be in there. Shows you how tough Dustys genes are. I miss The American Dream

    1. Kane 2002-2003 again it doesn’t mean he is retired look at John cena he hasn’t been on TV for wwe in months doesn’t mean he is retired

    2. Also look at chris jericho another prime example of someone who goes full time then goes on tour with fozzy then comes back

    3. PaulPlaysMinecraft i am not saying hes retired i am saying he looks like hes retired since he hasnt been wrestling for wwe for months

    4. Just resting i would say i believe glen has been in good health for nearly all his wwe career tbh for a 50 year old he can still go. But tbh yeah I think will might retire soon maybe him and undertaker get inducted into the HOF next year as brothers of destruction.

  1. One of the best ever . he will most likely go down as one of the all time greats that never won a world title

    1. Naruto can kill Goku You don’t know Goldust? He’s been in the buisness for a looong time now

    2. Juan Cena | THE CHAMP IS HERE he’s proably trolling, if he didn’t know who Goldust was, why would he be on a WWE YouTube spinoff show with hin

    1. From a purely character building perspective, he arguably is tbh, not even taker can match him

    1. Jak Johnston Simon M. the balor shinsuke hate is fake accounts the Roman hate is real

    1. Cinque Newman you sound autistic so im done talking to you i dont like making fun of autistic children

    1. Gavin Park didn’t get chills, but I was waiting for it when he said sisters, I thought, Cody

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