home UFC & MMA Gokhan Saki Plans on Fighting for UFC Belt in 2018, Wows to ‘Knock the F*ck Out of’ Foes

Gokhan Saki Plans on Fighting for UFC Belt in 2018, Wows to ‘Knock the F*ck Out of’ Foes

Kickboxing star Gökhan Saki speaks to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour about recently signing with the UFC, why he decided to leave kickboxing for MMA, and much more.


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42 thoughts on “Gokhan Saki Plans on Fighting for UFC Belt in 2018, Wows to ‘Knock the F*ck Out of’ Foes

    1. Brandon C Anthony Johnson would take him down and use ground and pound. This isn’t kickboxing lol it’s mma.

    2. Brandon C didn’t aj take down Cormier? I don’t have a good feeling in that matchup lol

    1. Jack Jordan Yes can, Mirko CroCop and Mark hunt are kickboxers who learnt to wrastle. CroCop lived with Werdum for years and trained daily until one day he beat Werdum and Werdum flew back home to Brazil without saying a word.

    2. Jack Jordan But CM Punk’s mighty Rubber Guard makes up for his grappling deficiencies.

    1. HM Fitness eh wayy different levels. Joe doesn’t even have 1/3 the striking skills saki has

    1. Muyanzi Reid Chuck Liddell was a collegiate wrestler who also boxed. Similar to Cody Garbrandt. Idk what your point is bringing up Chuck Liddell?

    2. Henry Ford Chuck Liddell is the quintessential example of a sprawl and brawl fighter…Duh!

    3. Henry Ford What are you talking about???? Just because fighters who comes from a Wrestling backgrounds and likes to throw punches in MMA doesn’t mean they all have the same style dude. Liddell had a Wrestling background yes but in MMA he was NOT a Wrestler….He was a Brawler with Wrestling skills…. Big difference. Garbrandt, Woodley, Miocic Rashad, Bader, Velasquez etc etc are actual WrestleBoxers because they will engage in Wrestling as offense, Liddell won’t. Also Garbrandt and, Evans, Woodley are not Brawlers, they are more like Technical Counter punchers who uses speed as a big part of their game. Liddell didn’t, he just liked to blocked takedowns and threw a ton of punches like Robbie Lawler..That’s it.

  1. Let’s be honest this hype train will be derailed as soon as he gets taken down…assuming he hasn’t been secretly working on his ground game anyway

  2. He’s going to get a rude awakening when he’s gasping for air with Cormier/Jones/Guss on top of him

  3. yeah bjj is pretty easy to learn. and he wont take down by a mma fighter. thats quite sad to hear. but wish him all the best.

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