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FULL MATCH — Bianca Belair vs. Aliyah: Mae Young Classic Qualifying Match: June 30, 2017

WWE Performance Center standout Bianca Belair takes on "The Cat's Meow," Aliyah, for the right to enter this summer's Mae Young Classic, which premieres on WWE Network Monday, Aug. 28.

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95 thoughts on “FULL MATCH — Bianca Belair vs. Aliyah: Mae Young Classic Qualifying Match: June 30, 2017

  1. Wwe is not like before, i mean, there are now maybe 2 active superstars that can handle Brock lesnar; Braun Strowman and Big Show… Maybe Roman.. The return of John cena will make WWE better again.
    Brock lesnar handle list:

    1. Undertaker (Retired)
    2. Diesel (now active by PWH)
    3. Kane (inactive)
    4. The rock (inactive)
    5. Braun Strowman (active)
    6. Big show (active)
    7. Goldberg (inactive)
    8. The Great Kahli (Retired)
    9. Rob Van Dam (now by PWH)
    10. Sting (inactive)
    11. Hulk Hogan (Retired)
    12. Andre the giant (dead)
    13. Edge (retired)
    14. Kurt Angle (General Manager)
    15. John Cena (Inactive)

    1. MR. IDONOTCARE Naomi has been in wwe for almost 8 years,Jinder which isn’t fully black went from jobbing for almost 5 years and now he’s the championship because there’s a lot of Indian fans (I Saw that on a Rumors video) And They used Big e as bodyguard,Xavier for a “Gay” Dance gimmick and kofi was the only one who’s great before they make them a team so all of them were jobbers and for the rock he isn’t fully black and Vince really loves that Samoan family

    2. Dumb Girl There has been a lot of non POC jobbers in the WWE guess what, most wrestlers in the WWE have been non POCs. Mathematically, it makes since for more non POC to be in more prominent spots. Everyone can’t be at the top or showcased, and people shouldn’t be showcased just because of their skin is darker, or fair, or blue if they are more talented people on the roster.

  2. MainEvent Of WrestleMania 2018 For World Heavyweight Championship – AJ Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakamura.

    1. JammyPremp Vlogs No don’t hashtag it. Why not you idiots just ENJOY THE SHOW? It’s stupid hashtag like this that has been ruining the WWE fans these days. No Stop complaining about it and enjoy it cuz idiots like you RUIN IT.

    2. Prince Smith no the main event will be Charlotte Flair VS Sasha Banks VS Alexa Bliss VS Naomi VS Auska VS Ember Moon and yes it will be a ladder match for the Raw women’s Championship
      Winner: Sasha Banks

  3. James Ellsworth will win the Women’s Tournament, just like he won the first ever Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

    1. Devin Brooks That referee actually works at NXT and isn’t involved only in women’s matches

    2. Devin Brooks no she works for nxt house shows. she debuted as a ref in a males match

    1. John Smith WWE barely rips NJPW on finance, in fact most NJPW top wrestlers are on higher contracts than WWE wrestlers

    2. Cookiechuck The top stars probably earn more than most of WWE’s roster. I’m sure the Young Bucks also make way more than most of WWE’s roster. WWE is financially better now but they’ve been on the decline for a long time, and NJPW are building their stock up again. In the 90s NJPW were drawing bigger crowds than WWE and WCW at the height of the Monday Night wars, so it is possible to surpass them. There’s a chance it might happen again if things are still going the way they are

    3. John Smith WWE is lucky to have the advantage they do on NJPW, as recently NJPW has advanced in mainstream fandom. Wrestlers like Okada, Bucks and Tanahashi are all on million dollar+ contracts

    4. To anyone who doesn’t believe it go watch dominion from a couple weeks ago. I was one of those people who thought wwe was better than any other promotion but watching dominion made me realize how great njpw is. The overall presentation was great. Before anyone can judge what is better atleast try to watch the shows in Long Beach this weekend it will be worth your time. Im not saying njpw is the bigger company than wwe but in terms of quality it’s better.

    5. Noah TheGreat I thought the language barrier would suck too that’s why I stayed away for so long. Most shows have English commentary as an alternative. The Japanese wrestlers won’t cut an English promo but it isn’t wwe the Long Beach show won’t open with a 20 minute long okada promo. Hardly any time is spent on a promo on most shows that I have watched recently but I just started so just going by what I have seen. They do do press conferences to hype shows where they cut promos and it’s pretty neat how they do that.

    1. MrXxmusicboxX Honestly I don’t care if it is a man, woman, or a dog. I’m not watching this for the ref.

    2. Roman Reigns Then why comment? This person was just happy that the referee is a female.

    1. Only similarity they have is that they’re both muscular they physically look nothing alike.

    1. The Greek Player literally🙄 all the moves looked incredibly silly and unbelievable (not the good type) around that time, when NXT started catching fire, that all changed and now in my opinion it’s so much better from the kicks to the chops to the punches

  4. Bianca reminds me so much of Jacqueline & Jazz, can’t wait to see more of her!

    that hair whip tho 💁🏽

    1. Megat Haziq the match is really good. Hope the other women can put on a match as good as this

    2. Frenetic Dragon8425 It’s not a bad debut match for a rookie by any means but the amount of talent in this tournament will put on faaaaaar better matches

    3. Pretty dang good actually.

      Bianca’s got a good look and seems to have her basics down. She’s obviously quite strong but is still developing a style. Aliyah was also quite impressive and its a shame she doesn’t get to show off much.

      There were some pacing issues for me — they spent quite a long time with the rest holds and kinda killed the momentum of the match for a while, but it wasn’t too bad.

      Looking forward to the tournament. Don’t know exactly how long Bianca’s going to last in there, but she’s going up against a literal who’s-who of the best female talent not yet signed to WWE. It’s going to be awesome.

  5. Sadly I don’t see Aliyah lasting much longer in NXT, by the looks of it she has trouble connecting with the fans. During the last battle royal she was booed and the fans cheered the woman who eliminated her. They should turn her heel, hopefully that helps her.

    1. TV247 I think the same I dont see Aliyah getting pushed anymore I feel like she’s gonna stay in NXT for a long time like Blake and Murphy. If They have a clean out of the NXT roster she could be released a long with Blake and Murphy.

    2. Ja-Bez Makaveli not all of their Indy darlings are athletic..they just want move spamming and no selling

    1. Stick Figure Guy Me: hello, logic?
      WWE: logic broke.
      me: understandable. have a great day.

    2. Patrick Star The Patrol Officer/Matthew Layne she did it against Ruby riot in a video you can find on youtube

    1. not sure about Mandy Leon (never seen her wrestle so no idea if shes any good), other names they do need to put in though, in addition to Candice:

      Kay Le Ray
      Nixon Newell
      Thea Trinidad (who used to be Rosita in TNA)

      Personally I wish Laura Dennis (aka Cherry Bomb) wasn’t contracted to TNA / Impact Wrestling as she would be another I think should be in it.

    2. Daniel Bond yes agreed I love all the wrestlers you named hopefully we get to see a majority of them 🙂

    3. Daniel Bond also agree with Cherry Bomb I hate her gimmick in TNA, she has potential to be in wwe also would like to see Rosemary in wwe instead of TNA & Sienna !!

  6. WWE should do this more often, where the Referee of the Womens Match are also women! Thats why NXT is better than the Main Roster, but SDLive is better than Raw.

    1. Bikini Girls Channel WWE literally just hired this referee who was a wrestler where she was working. They mainly hired for obviously the Mae Young Classic but she is going to do more than just that.

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