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Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Reaction – MMA Fighting

With Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor now officially on the horizon, MMA Fighting's Marc Raimondi, Esther Lin and Jed Meshew break down all the news Wednesday evening.


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53 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Reaction – MMA Fighting

    1. Al Paca still you fool , you take time to what you care , and that’s why you are here

    1. And I’m watching you watch them watching you through my iPad, recording it and then streaming it back to another iPad in the mirror. Double mirror. While wearing a VR headset. Imagine the clusterfuckery.

  1. If you disliked this video just because Ariel isn’t in it, you’re literally a child. Grow up morons.

  2. the buttons on this dweeb’s shirt are about to pop off… not worth watching without Ariel.

  3. Everyone is doubting McGregor I’m not surprised that’s what always happen, he will just prove you all wrong again #p4pbestfighter

    1. Skypuffen0168 Mackenzie keep doubting McGregor, we’ll see who the silly one is in due time..

    2. It’s always the same, Oh Conor will never beat Aldo, Conor will never win the 155 belt, the list goes on and on, I thought you would’ve learned not to doubt Conor by now?

    3. Dylan Redshaw its not mma ,it takes years to perfect boxing,great boxers mayweather makes look ordinary,its a cash grab thats all

    4. Dylan Redshaw “he’ll never beat a top 10” (before Dustin Poirer), “he’ll never beat a wrestler” (prior to Mendes), “he’ll never be champ”, “he’ll sure as hell NEVER EVER EVER beat Aldo,” “he’ll never vindicate his loss to Nate Diaz”, “he’ll never get a 2nd belt”!!!!!!!!

    5. Floyd has never faced an mma fighter, Conor will come at floyd in different angels and different stances, Floyd can beat the best boxers but Conor isn’t a boxer and he won’t fight him like others boxers, Conor is the best tecnical striker in the UFC he makes openings with his movement, he will catch Floyd and ko him.

  4. You know it’s big news when they have a guy on an ipad on the table as a guest on the show!

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