home UFC & MMA Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Media Conference Call

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Media Conference Call

On the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor media conference call, Dana White, Leonard Ellerbe and Stephen Espinoza discuss their upcoming clash between the two fighters.


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78 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Media Conference Call

    1. Not happening, Mayweather has judge Dave Moretti, Ref Kenny Baylass, CompuBox, and USADA paid like usual. Also TMT (The Medical Team) will give Floyd more IV fluid than he had during MayPac fight. Its going to be the usual Mayweather fight. STREAM it Yall dont pay this fight.

    1. yoyo tubero.. Mayweather’s is going to turn it up in this fight! You are going to see Mayweather a meaner and more aggressive Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Mayweather is going Sacrafice Conor McGregor! You McGregor fan’s heart’s are going skip beats when Mayweather abuses Conor McGregor.

    2. I think your right about Conor looking silly but If it aint broke, dont fix it. FLoyd isnt gonna change a thing that got him where he is today unless Conor gets in his head which will not happen. This will be anti-climatic.

    3. yoyo tubero Being positive is good, but I’m a DIE HARD Floyd fan. There’s no contest

  1. irish accent: “He was a superior boxer ill take the loss like a man i couldn’t land clean, if this was an mma fight i would of beat him.”

    This is just a money grab.

    1. I think 12 rounds of being punched around by an old man is worth the 100 mil payday, saying you wouldn’t do it just makes you a moron

    2. ……..really? Who is actually going to PAY for this? I’m just going to youtube it as soon as it finishes.

  2. Dana says McGregor will fight anyone anywhere anytime yet the so called champ can’t be bothered to defend his title once lol

    1. IrishNoodles No MMA event can even compare to the mega boxing fights we have in Vegas. You chums got a long way to go

    2. TrojanTMT 49-1 the goat, tbe, the greatest to step in like tyson on the ring, jonh mayer in his guitar doing his thing, the one and only Connor Mcgreggor

    1. If it were an actual curse then I think it’s unique to MMA fights only. Outside of MMA chaels bad mojo won’t work because psuedo science.

    1. Lol that fight will be streamed lol its pretty obvious Canelo gonna ko ggg. Both the same type of fighter. But One guy is an actual boxer . The other just knocks out bums and takes hits.

    2. I don’t have to save my money, I’m going to Youtube both of em. Just like I did Klitschko vs AJ and every boxing match I’ve ever seen.

    1. Naaa. It’s more like that dumbass Eric Dubay. People believe in everything just cos it’s in the Internet. What will be next? The Moon doesn’t exist?

  3. Even though Conor never fought Dos Anjos at least we got that picture of Conor from the staredown in that shirt for future promo flyers lmao

  4. I’m dropping $1000 on this fight for Conor to pull the upset. Its worth the risk for the potential MASSIVE payoff if it happens. If Conor wins I’ll be having my own red panty night.

    1. I think he has a much better chance to pull off the win than most people are giving him.

    2. Chris vanover I’ve The house car wife 2 horses and a dog on McGregor winning…. no I’ll keep my dog 😀

    1. Floyd made 10 times that and he is still fighting . Fighters dont fight just for money , they like the attention , money and glory of it all …

    2. gilliteen Peoples make more than that for fights and return to fighting lol. Money does run out

  5. Conor will defeat the greatest in boxing then go back to the UFC to fight the rest of the bums

    1. Chris D yeah niether of those seem too likely. i do hope he comes back to ufc though i wanna see him back in lightweight

  6. When they are both standing in their corners before the bell rings in the first round. Conor should put on a show and start throwing spinning roundhouse kicks just to mess with Floyd’s head.

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