39 thoughts on “Fight Night Singapore: Saffiedine vs Dos Anjos – Two Former Champions Collide

    1. Lmao C’mon bro Woodley has been doing a bit better I didn’t like him either

    2. Just because Dana invited me to his son’s birthday doesn’t mean he is not racist. Im still the p4p worst treated champion to walk on this earth, and I’m black therefore he is racist!

    3. Tyron race card Woodley kys ,you have nothing else better to do with your life white boy lol hold this L

    4. Time Traveller I bet you have no idea how brutal RDA’s weight cut is. He was dropping to 155 from 195-200 Pounds. He even talked about how he was passing out and could barely make it to the weigh ins for the Alvarez fight.

  1. This fight should have been the Main event. But, somehow, is the first fight in this crappy card. WTF UFC?

    1. Brian DK I’m not a big fan of Woodley but I can’t wait until he Ko’s The human backpack. I think he’s boring AF to watch, he just holds on to people and hopes to get the sub

    1. guywithbigfeet Well, every single fight on the main card would be a better main event than Holm vs Correia!

    1. AletheAce He’s the one who pushed for the fight with Ferguson you causal #FearTheReturn #KhabibTime

  2. I’m glad we got to see McGregor vs Diaz but I wonder how RDA would have done against Conor, I’m sure he would have been Knocked out but it would have been a great fight

  3. Imagine how different the mma world had been if Dos Anjos hadn’t pulled out of Mcgregor fight

    1. Aldin Vejzovic: RDA almost separeted Nates leg from his body in 3 rounds, Nate McTapped Connor in the first and when in the second clash Connor tried in 5 round match to copy RDA style, he was second from defeat in 3rd and finaly won in a super close match :-DDDDDDDDDDD

    2. Aldin Vejzovic I can see you’re a casual since you think mma math works… dumb mfcker

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