54 thoughts on “Fight Night Singapore: Media Day Face-offs

  1. Holly vs Bethe is the less interesting fight in this card.
    On the other hand I will keep an eye on:
    Tybura vs Andrei
    RDA vs tarec
    Colbi vs Kim
    Harris vs Askren
    And many more

    1. Matt THE HAMMER Hamill The 1 In 22-1 and covington isn’t gonna fight. i promise you that. he wants Kim between him and the canvas. he fights scared af.

    1. Francis Ngannou thank you, its so obvious but people still believe bullshit UFC height listings. RDA is like 5’7, Eddie Alvarez is 5’6/ 5’6.5, Conor McGregor anywhere from 5’8 to 5’9.

  2. Keep watching this young girl
    She got already more Champion (283) and World Champion titles (21) in M.A – MMA than any other fighter. Snd she did already a Campaign for UFC
    JJ Golden Dragon

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