49 thoughts on “Fight Night Singapore: Holm vs Correia – Joe Rogan Preview

    1. Big Black Guy…thats mma math and again it doesnt really work. it is true though that performances and focus vary each night and differ between fighters and depending on how styles match up….fights go one way or the other. Ronda could box Bethe because Ronda and Bethe are close in skill as boxers…really low level striking. Ronda faced Holly and Hollys footwork and striking skill were too much. its really nuanced….for instance…Cat …like all the fighters sans Ronda…improves vastly every fight…but Cats fight vs Ronda, though incredible….Cat gave that fight away. with the right game plan Cat could of had a strong chance to win that fight. in short its not just the skill levels changing that account for specific outcomes…its also strategy and conditioning and style match ups as well

    1. Stylistically Nunes is a easy fight for Holm. It’s obvious Holm is physically stronger than Nunes, but as long as she’d keep it on the feet, she could take Nunes out.

  1. That fight with GDR was bullshit
    Wrong decision, shots after the bell…. and now De randamie doesn’t want to defend the belt, Holly should be the champion right now

    1. unfortunately very true. Megan Anderson will likely fight Cyborg at 214 but there needs to be more fighters for womens featherweight to be a convincing division. bring some people up from Invicta, even if they arent the best its better than nothing. i’d happily watch Cyborg go on a tear

    2. The Ronda comparison is exactly what I had in mind! Have Cyborg steamroll featherweights until someone can take her out. But first they just need to strip GDR of the belt and make Megan vs Cyborg for the title official. That should have been the fight to begin with. Having two bantamweights who fancied an easy weight cut fight for the inaugural belt was a joke

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