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Federer vs Nadal incredible rally and match point | Hamburg 2007 Final

Rafa Nadal had won 81 consecutive matches on clay until this 2007 Hamburg final against Roger Federer. Watch official ATP tennis streams all year round:

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36 thoughts on “Federer vs Nadal incredible rally and match point | Hamburg 2007 Final

  1. Wow, the two victories Roger has over Nadal on clay where also for the title. Very impressive

    1. well they were #1 and #2 for 6-7 consecutive years or so 😀 …the only match they could meet at was a final 🙂

  2. Rafa’s first clay loss since 2005, that’s insane. A 81 winning streak, that is just impossible to beat.

    1. leave it to the GOAT to shutdown the one trick pony. of course it was the GOAT who would also shutdown djoker’s streak in 2011. #GOAT

    1. Rafa has more wins because most of them are on clay. And most games were played when Federer was over 30 years old. He’s turning 36 next month. So it is not an honest comparison because Nadal was U30 in those 6 years. Federer won 2 slams at age 35 which nobody has ever accomplished in tennis history. Nadal will be outside of the top 100 by age 33

    2. Mr. Klopp true, if rafa didnt get injured 2-3 years, he would have already gotten 20 majors and he is just 31

    3. Galva Tron Rafa never got injured for 2-3 years and barely missed a grand slam in his career. Maybe 1 or 2 that he never would have won anyway

    4. +Galva Tron this is when federer was healthy and dominated h2h 5-2 which is real h2h between the two….if federer wasnt suddenly ill in 2008, realistically federer would have won over 50 slams by now and nadal would have only 5 slams….nadal is extremely lucky to win 5 slams outside of french while federer suddenly has been ill since 2008, he would have never won any slam outside french open hasnt federer got suddenly ill…

  3. Rafa the GOAT on clay , and overall the 3th best player of all time. Federer 1st Djoko 2nd Rafa3th

    1. rschild ddd rafa is wayyy better then djoko. Djoko his doping isnt working anymore and noe he has to tennis of pure skill instead of not being able to gettired and you see all the weaknesses in his game and all the injuriesnhes getting because of the roid abuse….

    2. dude or rafa isnt doping anymore you can say the same thing about him. Djoko has a positive h2h against rafa , he defeated him so oft during his prime etc etc. Rafa is only better on clay that s a fact because his spin balls making much more rpm then on the other courts.. Djoko has a bigger shot arsenal then Rafa believe me , Djoko in his prime time (2011) is maybe the best level of tennis i EVER saw..

    3. rschild ddd 3rd not 3th and anyway Rafa is better overall than Djokovic atm in their careers. When they end their careers I dont know

    4. atm yes , i few years ago Djoko made Rafa look like a child a lot of the time they were playing. You have to look at their whole career not only one time frame..

    5. haha Djoko is not number 2… probably not even in the top 5. He has 12 slams and nadal has 15. No way Djoko is better than Sampras was either

  4. this was when federer was before he got ill from mononucleosis virus and dominated prime nadal 5-2, the real h2h between federer and nadal….federer>>>>nadal

    1. polychronio by the way you deleted some of your comments…because you know your talking nonsence (nadal playing 10 years more hahahahaha what a fumbass hahahahahaha)

  5. It had to be Federer to end that gigantic streak, i mean 81 straight wins in any surface is mind boogling, im a huge Federer fan but tremendously respect Nadal

  6. Wow… A bagel to nadal on Clay??

    Now, that’s out of this world.


    Of course, it’s FED

  7. Everyone coming from watching Wimbledon highlights- “What the heck, it starts at 2-6 6-2 3-0. Longer highlights please.”

  8. Rafa was tired here, can even be seen in these points, but nice performance by Roger.

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