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Federer Ready To Bounce Back In Halle 2017

Roger Federer praises Rafael Nadal's success in Roland Garros and reflects on his decision to miss the clay-court season as he prepares to compete in Halle this week. Watch live matches at .

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57 thoughts on “Federer Ready To Bounce Back In Halle 2017

    1. DKFS at its finest. He wants to avoid having to hang his racquet by the end of 2017. We all know you love Federer so much, you have to comment on all Federer related videos 😀

    2. GOAT for sure. he will always be the best number one for me, second sampras. third Nadal.

  1. My God if he keeps that haircut then he’s gonna loose. Hopefully it will grow in time for Wimbledon

    1. K FF for most grown men hair is just temporary resident. He will cut it shorter and shorter

    2. K FF, by far the most important factor in his game. That, followed by how washed his socks are

  2. Cold? I will defend Federer for a lot of things, but that cold reason came out of left field. He later admitted that FO is one of the hardest tournaments and didn’t feel match tough, but opting to stay ‘warm’ is not good justification.

    1. I’ll bet he wishes now that he’d gotten some matches in on clay, after being humiliated by 39 year old Haas


    3. @bob lavey I agree, and I was a supporter of his move to opt out of the clay court season. I still felt it was an uncharacteristic move to use the cold as his primary reason, which he brought up first. I felt that was disingenuous.
      @Ivan Abednego Don’t use expletives and make assumptions. You’re allowed to criticize your favorite players. It’s called not being a fanboy. If you want to argue my points, do it like an adult next time.
      @Steve M In what way was he humiliated? A close three setter against one of his best friends, who was No. 2 in the world at one point might I add. Unless you’re a pro yourself, don’t look down on players.
      @Donkey Kong You try too hard. Go and worship your orange god elsewhere.

  3. Idk maybe Federer can win Wimbledon, the first quarter of the season was a blessing to Federer fans but truly, me being one of the biggest fans of Roger’s game, it certainly is no guarantee to win Wimbledon. At 35 many things can happen, a youngster takes him out, he plays too many lengthy matches, one of the big four takes him out, it’s not 2007. Certainly, if Federer is to win his 19th, he can’t do what he did in Stuttgart

    1. If that Haas match was best of five, Fed probably finds a way to win. I’m not concerned about Wimbledon because of a slip-up at a 250.

    2. rubiks mentor Unless Murray or Djokovic somehow time travel into their 2012-2016 selves, neither of them are going to take Federer out. Stan won’t take out the GOAT unless he’s at his complete peak and Roger isn’t playing with his previous confidence and finesse. I can really see a Nadal v. Federer match going either way, because Roger’s surface is grass, but Rafa is how many years younger? 4? That matters, especially when they’re in their thirties.

  4. Listen very carefully to fed at 1:43 – 1:49. He was going to say “rafa is maybe the greatest tennis player of all time,” but he quickly changed it “to clay court player of all time”. Is this proof that federer knows that rafa is GOAT??

    1. Player Johnson, if you listen carefully, after that pause he clearly says “greatest clay court players because everyone knows that I am the greatest player of all time”

    2. 1. HAHAHA!! 19 Single Grands Slams? Im not even reading the rest cause soon as you said this. I realised you clearly don’t know what your talking about!! Please get your facts right.
      Its 11 singles grands slams. 7 behind Federer, 4 behind Nadal, 1 behind Djokovic, 3 behind Sampras, 1 behind emerson. (doubles doesn’t count you sorry as singles and doubles play are completely different- you wouldn’t understand)
      2. This era has been regarded as the best era by all the greats, even rod laver himself said it (article given above), so a weak as era like rod lavers days would have been much easier to get grand slams. (rod laver is great his just not in the class of the guys of today sorry-anyone that disagrees doesn’t play or understand tennis at all)

      The rest of the statistics don’t even make sense again due to the era. even though Federer was number 1 for 232 weeks.
      Have you actually played tennis before? you sound like a blind sheep who is just follows the crowd. Rod laver himself said Federer is the most gifted / best player his ever seen. All the great tennis players acknowledge he is. You know more then them?

      If you understand tennis you would know that in rod lavers years, they didn’t have the same level of groundstrokes, baseline gameplay, topspin generation, serving speed, athleticism. Only thing he may have is game IQ, but even then its said feeders Tennis IQ is the best. Plus he is too short for the game (173 cm), The top spins alone would go over his head especially in clay court). And your comparison on saying in 2100 years john smith blablabla! Is so naive and ignorant and your clearly a child that doesn’t know what their talking about! sorry!

      This conversation is over cause you have never played any decent level of tennis. And i know your just a blind Australian. Wanting to hold onto past tennis achievements cause Australian tennis is so nullified nowadays. You guys are rubbish. best player is- Nick Kyrgios, Bernard Tomic. They are a joke!!

    1. +Steve M Oh so …. you weren’t insinuating anything, but right now you say Fed back down because of fear of losing to Rafa. Isn’t that the same thing ????? God you idiots come all in one sack !

    2. He has never covered up the fact that he plays to win and if he doesn’t think he can win he won’t play. More than one interview where he says that. I doubt he was afraid of Rafa. I would say earlier he was afraid of his knee if it could withstand the battering of clay, especially if he ended up playing Rafa. If you look further than just what you want to see, it’s foolish to think he didn’t enter a grand slam because of one player. For the same money Rafa could’ve sustained an injured before they even met which wouldn’t be too far fetched considering how much he’d played. Massive fan of both guy’s, always happy to see either one win when they butt heads but saying he didn’t play because of Rafa and Rafa alone is short sighted.

    3. He basically said to preserve his body, which he’s never shied away from. I’m sorry if all you heard was ‘cold conditions’.

    4. “With Djokovic looking very shaky, Murray having a lackluster season, his chances were good if Rafa looked vulnerable. Except he didn’t, so Rog backed out”

      Not if he’d skipped most of the clay court season he wouldn’t have had a good chance on clay. You saw how he did in his first match on a grass court (which he prefers) after a break, he could have literally switched to clay for one match, made absolutely no sense to risk it.

    5. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain by playing Roland Garros, and he’s never skipped it before. Does he have to play it every year for the rest of his life so you don’t act like he was afraid? If he was afraid of losing he would have retired by now.

  5. Federer mentioned in the interview that he planned on playing the FO, I will agree that I think he did honestly consider it…..then he saw Rafa tearing up the clay in MC, Barcelona, Madrid etc. and thought more strategically. In other words, if he went onto the clay and met Rafa in this form he would most likely lose – then the head to head drops more in favour of Nadal AND affects Feds confidence for Wimbledon. If he can handpick his best tournaments and get a somewhat respectable head to head against Nadal then that is what he will aim to do. If Nadal struggled on clay then I do believe Feddy would’ve played the FO.
    Do I think he is the greatest ever…..he is one of them no doubt about it (along with Nadal) but I don’t think there is a “greatest”, I still think Nadal at his best against Fed at his best I would pick Nadal. On saying that, when Djokovic was playing lights out I must say his game was invincible – Feddy couldn’t beat him on grass on two finals or the US Open final. I find it ironic that ever since Meldonium (substance that Maria Sharapova was banned for because it aids the efficiency of the lungs and gives an athlete added endurance) was banned Djokovic has fallen off the radar. I also recall Murray saying he couldn’t move after his 5 set semi with Joker in Melbourne and he just didn’t know how Djoker was able to beat a more rested Nadal over 6 hours. Fast forward after that final and you have Feddy, Nadal, Murray pushing for blood passports in tennis!! Are there drugs in tennis? I believe so……and before anyone starts saying it is a well tested sport, please bear in mind that Lance Armstrong won 7 tour de france titles juiced up to the eyeballs and he never got caught.

    1. Mr Spaceman its pro sports. most likely all the top guys have doped at some stage in their careers.

    2. Mr Spaceman it’s funny that you brought up Sharapova’s drug scandal. I think Djokovic changed too when that fiasco unfolded. He managed to win the French, then he just took a downward plunge. And what do you mean by blood passport?

    3. I don’t think losing to Nadal on clay would affect his confidence much. It’s not like anyone expects Nadal to not win everything on clay. Federer even said before the clay season that, and I quote, Nadal will tear it up there. Roger had everything to gain and nothing to lose, so he was probably serious about preserving his body.

    1. I found it was hard to believe that near top-form Fed after winning 2017AO, Indian Wells and Miami would lose to Haas, who is step away from retirement. He made it look real. The give away was match point that Fed hit a BH error that sailed long by 4 feet or so. He changed direction and made an error that he would not normally do.

  6. Here’s what people aren’t getting …. Nadal isn’t the only guy that would have beaten Roger at Roland Garros. Just because he won the three biggest hardcourt events this year doesn’t mean he would have rolled through on clay and only have Rafa as a threat. Almost every top 30 player on their day could beat Roger on clay at this point in his career because his game doesn’t suit the surface anymore. He’s nearly 36 and wants to keep the points and matches as short as possible. Clay doesn’t suit his MO, obviously. Besides that, why would he risk injury and fatigue during the clay season and put his chances at Wimbledon and US Open in jeopardy?

    1. I agree, people are too focused on the H2H with Nadal, when in reality, he just wants to play courts that suits him best. Fans for or against him should realise he is currently just enjoying the game at 36 and hopes to compete top level for a while more. By acting as if he can do a full season, he might burn up whatever is left in him too quickly.
      It’s a smart move considering he wants to play at least 2 more seasons after this.

    2. Kyle Johansen Thank you! Any of those guys could have beaten Roger long before he would of meant up with Rafa. There are always variables.

  7. “Rafa once again cemented himself as maybe the greatest tennis – CLAY COURT – player of all time.” I see what you did there, GOAT.

  8. Toni Nadal, who has been with Rafa for all his grand slams.. has said just 2 days ago that he knows Fed is GOAT.. im pretty sure that uncle Toni knows what he is talking about WAY more than you guys.. since he helped with nads 15 slams.. ps i love nadal. but Fed Remains the best of the best.. sooner you guys understand that the better

    1. He says things like that to motivate nadal so he doesn’t become complacent. He’s done it ever since nadal was young.

  9. Fed isn’t motivated in little tournament now, as stuttgart or dubai !

  10. “Rafa again cement himself as may be the greatest Tennis P.. hmpf clay court player of all time”

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