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Dhiego Lima recaps his TUF 25 fight with Tom Gallicchio | TUF TALK

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Dhiego Lima talks with with Karyn Bryant and Michael Bisping about his fight with Tom Gallicchio in the latest episode of TUF 25.

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42 thoughts on “Dhiego Lima recaps his TUF 25 fight with Tom Gallicchio | TUF TALK

  1. So his brother is Douglas Lima from Bellator? It would be cool if they both were champ at the same time.

    1. It would be cool but he doesn’t have the skills to beat the top 170s imo. Unless he can clip someone

    2. Plexiun he can’t beat Wonderboy, Woodley, Lawler or Maia. Pretty sure his brother gon lose his belt to Rory too.

  2. He was the one most people picked from the beginning to win. Now his TUF toal record is 6-1 & I think he will pull it to 7-1 and win it all this year. His brother Douglas Lima is 30-6 and the 2 time champion in Bellator. It runs in there family evidently. I would love to see both brothers in UFC to be honest.

  3. did they just spoil the next episode by lowkey saying that james krause will be out?

    1. pretty obvious dhiego gonna win it alll! dhiego vs jesse for the finale. whichever team cody guy they bring back to replace krause is obviously gonna lose to jesse…

  4. @ufc Used to buy ALL UFC PPV. They hired Snoop Dogg (who made a video of him shooting Trump) as a live fight commentator… BOYCOTT UFC!!

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