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Derrick Lewis vs. Mark Hunt | Weigh-In | UFC ON FOX

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Watch heavyweights Derrick Lewis and Mark Hunt weigh-in for FS1 UFC Fight Night from Auckland, New Zealand.

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53 thoughts on “Derrick Lewis vs. Mark Hunt | Weigh-In | UFC ON FOX

    1. Felix Sanchez that’s where he trains. which changes all the time in a fighters career.

    1. B.T. BUSCH TJ loves to talk a lot of trash and complains about everything, starts issues everywhere he goes

    2. F. Perez Once they let Connor fight for another belt without defending the first belt, i lost respect for the UFC and now they are Doind DJ dirty because Dillasnake wants to call the shots and he aint the Champion

    3. +F. Perez I did in fact say that DJ and the other flyweights are good fighters. I never said anything to the contrary other than the flyweight division just doesn’t draw a big following despite how good they are. I never said I didn’t enjoy flyweight fights. Maybe you should spend less time on hashtags and more time actually reading what I said.

    1. hes been tested and passed, he’s taking the ufc to court for letting Brock fight knowing he failed his test…It’s not the first time he fights someone and they find out after the fight that the fighter failed a drug test

    1. After every finish, i always quote the great mike goldberg. “It IS ALL OVERRR.. JUST LIKE THAT”!!

  1. Mark Hunt has one of the worst records in the division but everyone still wants to see him fight and respects him it shows how good of a guy he is and every fighter knows that right hand can put you sleep quick

    1. yeah you could hype up a fight in your home town and make as much as some of these guys, if it weren’t illegal

    2. I am Always Right You’re not wrong, he still holds a win over The ax Murderer Silva which is impressive

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