home UFC & MMA Derrick Lewis announces his likely retirement after loss to Mark Hunt | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

Derrick Lewis announces his likely retirement after loss to Mark Hunt | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Hear from Derrick Lewis after his heavyweight fight vs. Mark Hunt in Auckland, New Zealand.

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56 thoughts on “Derrick Lewis announces his likely retirement after loss to Mark Hunt | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

    1. sharif Uddin, no worries. With the Black Panther movie coming out, someone else will rise.a

    1. DaSean Wayne “at least long reigning ones” really?.. please we all know how that isnt an actual thing in the heavyweight division.

    2. yeah cain is the goat ! he will be back for the title ! stipe will never be the same after he fights cain ! velasqeuz will take his soul just like he did with jds

    1. locs13000 bruh… i think he really trying to get at that. Taking losses. Retirement.

    2. coffeeblak86 dude seriously he even said he’d fight Francis after and now since he lost he’s calling it quits

    1. not really.. he just has to make another ” caught fapping ” video and he’s back on top. another video with goofy emoji effects on his phone and he’s back in the mix for the title. thats how the ufc is run these days

  1. He ain’t retiring… never take what anyone says to seriously right after a tough loss.

    1. YUP. Vitor, Anderson, GSP, recently MIR, Ortiz, Wanderlie, Sonnen, May day and ROry were gonna quit before Bellator offered.

    2. well he’s a heavyweight that started his career when he was older and just recently started getting ufc fame so I would say he’s being serious

  2. I mean he really can’t beat anyone in the top 6 but it was awesome to watch the Black Beast. Going to miss this guy.

    1. Pablo Gaviria … that’s why it was funny…. and that’s why it was spelt thpinal

  3. Dana ain’t paying fighters well anymore, everyone’s moving to Bellator or jumping ship and retiring. Both Lewis and hunt seemingly retired.

    1. kk then, but that’s literally in the contract, you get a guaranteed for every fight, for a show , if u win u get an extra and if u put on a performance of the night etc, more bonuses and if u are a major draw, u get PPV points.

  4. Derrick Lewis the type wake up with a hangover and say “Im never drinking again” but will be drinking later that night

    1. Richard Pema Funny! I was thinking he’d be fighting again as soon as Dana hit him up on the phone.

    2. It’s pretty obvious Derek is just trolling ,you people can’t honestly believe he’s retiring

    1. Mike Winklejohn (striking coach) at the famed Greg Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts facility in New Mexico lost an eye to a high kick and toenail to the eye. The toenail actually pierced the cornea, which robbed him of his sight in that eye.

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