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Derek Brunson vs. Daniel Kelly | Weigh-In | UFC ON FOX

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Watch middleweights Derek Brunson and Daniel Kelly weigh-in for FS1 UFC Fight Night from Auckland, New Zealand.

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42 thoughts on “Derek Brunson vs. Daniel Kelly | Weigh-In | UFC ON FOX

    1. Shade 45 no he is right brunson is good he just got caught by the guy who faces romero for the title so it doesn’t ruin the fact that he was knocking everyone out in the first round before this fight if he charges but with more IQ he could ko some big names. But yeah kelly is underrated ranked #15 is a joke he is a monster at 39

  1. Kelly is scrappy, hard to beat against him or Hunt  on home turf.

    edit: I meant “bet”, not “beat”.

    1. I honestly like both fighters. It could go either way but the home field advantage obviously goes to Hunt.

    2. Stennis Hampton Wouldn’t it have been easier to just erase the a on the edit as apposed to leaving the misspelled word and explaining what you meant?

    3. 911Gameover I didn’t want it to appear like I was misleading people. I made a spelling mistake and owned up to it. I’m not perfect and wanted to show my integrity.

      but yeah, it would of been easier to just edit it. Anyway, I’m not a YouTube veteran.

  2. That does not look like a fair fight. Kelly looks so old and unathletic at 39. But somehow he cracks you with a jab and you’re on the floor.

    1. coffeeblak86 Did you really think he was going to toss a NCAA wrestler around? The guy got knocked out in less than 2 minutes, lol.

    1. 5-1 in the ufc 13-1 overall. beat Camozzi and shoeface along with Rashad. 4 fight win streak. His loss was to ranked Alvey

  3. Brunson has no excuse not to win this. If he loses he’s definitely going over to Bellator.

    1. His only losses in the UFC are too Whitaker and Romero, He got robbed of the silva w, why would he be cut

    2. I wouldn’t say he’s going to be cut. But when he goes to renew his contract the ufc is probably going to stiff him do to the 4 losses. Then Bellator will offer better.

    3. Andrew Lytle
      This fight will prove Anderson is still one of the best in his mid-forties.
      And that is exactly what happened 😀

  4. They give Kelly this fight to offset the wopping that Mark Hunt is gonna get by Lewis lol…

  5. what a fucken gimme fight for Derek, i got Daniel for the win

  6. It makes no sense ross Pearson is the thumbnail of the main weigh in but it has still made unavailable in the UK

    1. Raheem Nazir because nobody cares about the UK. Thats why we broke off from the British in 1775, get your own UFC. — MERICA

  7. Brunson is a really good fighter, easily in the top 8 at 185. He’s going to destroy Dan Kelly.

  8. since when ufc hires old guys to fight? Kelly looks like a 60years old retired soldier or something like that.

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