home UFC & MMA Derek Brunson discusses his newfound patience after win over Daniel Kelly | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

Derek Brunson discusses his newfound patience after win over Daniel Kelly | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Hear from Derek Brunson after his fight vs. Daniel Kelly in Auckland, New Zealand.

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32 thoughts on “Derek Brunson discusses his newfound patience after win over Daniel Kelly | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

    1. +Andrew Phan​​​​​​ I see when you lose arguments you begin to hurl insults . That’s a sign of defeat. Diaz said if he had a full camp that Conor wouldn’t touch him. Then he had a full camp and proceeded to get outboxed for the majority of the 2nd fight. Look at the 2 Rockhold and Bisping fights for another example. If you’re going to make cheap no camp excuses when you lose a fight you shouldnt be allowed to fight on short notice ever again so you don’t have a built in excuse if you lose.

    2. +Andrew Phan I also think McGregor was wrong for making a few excuses. And you are delusional if you think Diaz won round 4. Even in round 3 Diaz was landing baby shots whreas McGregor was knocking Diaz down in the first 2 rounds . But according to your fight camp logic shouldnt diaz have done even better in the 2nd fight?

    3. Like i said, Mcg spent 300K and didnt fulfill any media to focus on a fight. Diaz in turn got a 2 month camp and still wasted time and energy flying everywhere to promote.My bad about split i meant it shouldve been a draw where round 3 was a 10-8 since conor not only did nothing and ran nate did the most damage there also. Maybe McG was the better fighter, by barely that night, even when putting all his resources to prepare for a gatekeeper at 155.

    1. MASRR well my point was that he can compete with the best in the division he’s had 3 loses in UFC. 2 was to both number one and two in the division and the other was a robbery

    1. +Insane you’re right it is, but I genuinely had no doubts whatsoever that Derek would finish Kelly, just compare who they have fought, this was a huge mismatch imo

  1. 39 year old no name fighter , you didn’t win the division Derek and you didn’t gain any ranking

  2. I know because it’s a knockout some people could say oh kelly could have won but this goes to show you how bad Rashad is now where a guy who is down a weight clash and is 40 can dominant him

  3. Haters going out of their way to discredit Brunson. Great win for him. He should fight Rockhold next

  4. Robin Black called it, Derek found the right balance, not coming out guns blazing but also not going the duration with durable Dan Kelly.

  5. “Derek Brunson is great fighter, is normal. But, I sorry guys, I no impress.” – Anderson “Spider” Silva

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