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Cristiano sings ‘Ronaldo Ballon d’Or’ with Real Madrid fans | FOX SOCCER

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During Real Madrid’s Champions League Title celebrations with fans, Ronaldo couldn’t help himself joining in on the fun.

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70 thoughts on “Cristiano sings ‘Ronaldo Ballon d’Or’ with Real Madrid fans | FOX SOCCER

  1. Before someone says this is arrogant. You can know you are the best and be humble and the same time

    1. Also keep in mind the charity and philanthropic work of CR7 before you talk arrogance… as well as that he actualy pays his taxes like a good citizen.

    1. What are you doing here? I thought you didn’t care about Ronaldo Madrid retaining UCL.

    2. +Cristiano Ronaldo Lmao why you always talking to me? I owned you in the last comment. You’ll just get owned again 😂

    1. ? Because they tell the truth. Really ” don’t argue with barca fans”. Really. So because they tell the truth ?. Smh

    2. ” don’t argue with some real Madrid fans because they can’t accept the truth most of the time even if is right there. Some just are trolls and write dumb comments.

    3. we know but this has to do with the ballon dor. Real is a good team and was better than barca this season.

    1. Ronaldo lifts European champions, UCL, FIFA world club, UEFA super cup, La Liga trophees, Balon dor 2016, 2017..
       Messi lifts his shirt.

    1. JonnyXGaming just stop Ronaldo will never be better then Messi if you watched both anyone you’d know that Messi affects the game more then just scoring or even assisting . He’s going to prove it next year by finally winning the World Cup whilst Ronaldo struggled to make it out of the group again .

    2. Ronaldo lifts European champions, UCL, FIFA world club, UEFA super cup, La Liga trophees, Balon dor 2016, 2017..
       Messi lifts his shirt.

  2. Messi wins champions league didicates it to the fans of Barcelona , Ronaldo wins the champions league praise himself for balon de Oro 🤐

    1. 707LILMESSI he’s actually just chanting with the Real Madrid fans. take it any way you want it

    2. 707LILMESSI the weird thing is the persons who post those kind of comments always have messi on their name. Just a curious fact

    3. If you would actually watch the full celebration he thanks all of the fans who then start to serenade him with the chants. He then joins in and then his teammates do as well. I mean, even the video states the fans serenaded him. Stop hating, it ain’t pretty! He thanked the fans at Cibeles, he thanked the fans at Town Hall, and then he thanked the fans at the Bernabeu.

  3. Cristiano “Cristiano Ballon de Oro”
    later FIFA “and the winner of the Ballon dor 2017 is Lionel Messi”
    no hate plz just a joke

  4. Dybala>Cr7 both Barca and Real Madrid are overrated everyone thinks that we go for one of those teams

    1. Kid was a ghost jumping into every Madrid player. Looked like a fish out of water haha

  5. Ballon d or is curropt, not the best player wins it but the player with most trophies and bigger image

    1. There was a year Ronaldo was better individually but Messi won it because Barcelona won more trophies. It goes both ways, so if you’re trying to make excuses for Ronaldo possibly winning it..don’t.

    2. but that year Ronaldo wasn’t a lot better than Messi, he got injured and that’s why Ronaldo scored more goals but Messi’s performence was still outstanding that year.. This year cr7 played amazing in last 3 ucl games only and that too was because RM played amazing, cr7 isn’t even the best player in RM itaelf this year, Modric, Kroos, Marcelo their performence was better but still cr7 will get the award because he is theost marketed player for BDR

  6. For those arguing that Ronaldo is arrogant just for chanting along with the fans probably should know that he is the most charitable athlete. While you praise Messi for being so “humble” Ronaldo actually helps people from all over the world.

    1. but he sings about the ballon dor instead of celebrating the teams victory.he is counting his chickens before they hatch.

  7. I know there’s going to be at least 1 fan boy here that will say he’s arrogant. So Let me clear this up for you, as ronaldo started to speak, the fans started singing “Cristiano balon de oro”. That’s when ronaldo started singing along. He has every right to say that. He deserves and obviously will win balon de oro 2017. What a season 🔥🔥 AGAIN

    1. Being good for one month and not the rest of the year deserves ballon d’or? He doesn’t deserve it but he will win it because he won ucl

    2. +Moose Bruuce Who did ronaldo destroy in ucl? What did Messi do in UCL? Messi was consistent in la liga but not vs the best in UCL. you see the difference? It’s not rocket science. Apparently messi fanboys are blind to this hahaha

  8. The Real Madrid fans are saying the truth lol and all the Barca fans are crying watching the best team in the world win the ucl😂 I love it when these Barca fans are salty lol it makes me laugh

  9. Ronaldo is a perfect example of why people strive to be the best player. He has a growth mindset.

  10. This is the difference between leo and cris
    messi wins trible – dedicates to fans
    ronaldo wins something – I deserve ballon d’or
    as always selfish

    1. Cindy Maharjan and what did those magical dribbles do? win a copa del Rey? Zidane even made Ronaldo sit down for some games and the team still came out on top. Messi did nothing against Juve and Ronaldo Scored a brace. it’s a bad season for messi? no. it’s one of his worst. it’s another Bad season for Ronaldo but no player this season showed why they’re better than Him.

    2. +Erik Santiago it is easy to score when your teammates feeds you in front of the net.
      its very difficult when you are the one who needs to feed as well as score goals
      Messi carried barcelona this year and in an individual view
      he had one of his best seasons

    3. +Erik Santiago real had a great season cuz everyone was playing fair enough.
      barca lacked form

    4. Cindy Maharjan so you would agree Inesta or xavi should’ve won it, instead of messi the year all 3 were nominated? cause that year inesta and xavi were feeding messi endlessly and as a result messi won the ballon d’or. Ronaldo put up more assists this year than his previous seasons. like i said. it’s another bad season for Ronaldo. Still the Best in the world at the moment. i want messi back IF next season so all the barca Fans can shut up and realize Ronaldo will still come out on Top.

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