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Crazy Ladder Moments: WWE 2K17 Top 10

Superstars go above and beyond once they get a ladder in the hands to inflict more pain.
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74 thoughts on “Crazy Ladder Moments: WWE 2K17 Top 10

    1. Vigilantee 2017 When did I even make an excuse? Please tell me that. You’re saying I can’t spell “lame” when I didn’t even mean “lame” I meant “tame” Lol. And the “LAMEST” excuse? Again, I didn’t even make an excuse. Can you even process that? No what’s the point. This coming from a guy who thinks I meant “lame” when I actually mean “tame”.

    2. Vigilantee 2017 Lmao you sure are seriously brainfucked. I explained earlier what “tame” means you delusional moron and you’re coming out here saying I don’t know what “tame” means #Pathetic Just like everyone I try to help you act like a casual and pretend I didn’t even say anything. This is just pointless and now I’ll stop commenting, especially to someone who doesn’t know the difference of what a person is talking about. Enjoy being lonely forever you man child.

    1. I’d say the 2014 MITB Ladder Match was the best of the last few years.
      The 2015 was underwhelming because Sheamus won and the 2016 MITB was just boring

    2. +SGC nah I don’t think don’t think there’s ever been a bad ladder match, hell jobbers can put on a good MITB ladder match

    1. Tyler Wooten fat is capitalized. When your in the middle of a sentence you don’t capitalize something

    1. Manan Sanghvi
      I really want WWE 2k series to bring back Custom Moves / Special Moves
      Hopefully WWE 2k18?

    2. Joel Lee yeah man in svr we have a choice to create our own finisher and a storyline

  1. Damm I forgot about wwe 2K17, if your talking about ladders why don’t you put Jeff Hardy in the game, oh he came back to wwe after the game was made. Oh yea wwe 2K17 has no updates. Bunch of lazy 2k developer bums. (Like if you agree)

  2. Why does everyone hate Roman? I admit I don’t like him he’s just John Cena 2.0, but I don’t want him to die. News flash wwe is scripted. Even if he doesn’t want to do something like saying a dumb promo he still has to do it. He might hate the stuff he does but he has to do it anyway, he’s just doing his job. Even though I don’t like him and his gimmick that doesn’t lead to me wanting him to die.

    1. Top5 WWE Its not even that its the fact that wwe shoves people like Roman down our throats. Sure he can be champion but don’t let him get opportunity after opportunity, there are even rumors he main eventing next years wrestlemania for the fourth time in a row. We just feel that everyone else deserve some much needed recognition(even if they are widely known)

    2. Yo I just posted 2 vids on top 5 moments, if you can tell me what you think (I don’t care if you say it’s trash, be honest)

    1. Captain Chickenhead I’m still trying to think how they got the 2nd one in the first place

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