home WWE Corey Graves describes the starstuck feeling of meeting The Rock (WWE Network Exclusive)

Corey Graves describes the starstuck feeling of meeting The Rock (WWE Network Exclusive)

WWE Hall of Famer Lita, Corey Graves and Renee Young dish on everything from career triumphs to their real-life bond outside the ring on Table for 3: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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57 thoughts on “Corey Graves describes the starstuck feeling of meeting The Rock (WWE Network Exclusive)

    1. KingOfStrongSwing corey wasn’t in talking smack. And my point is it shouldn’t have been cancelled. Maybe you need to ‘Swing’ up your brain cells a little.

    2. jdbruiser They should start a series about that on the network called “The Heyman Hustle” & it can culminate with Paul Heyman getting an intense/jacked physique. It will all lead towards an eventual heel turn/betrayal angle on Brock Lesnar, sparking the HOT feud between them for WrestleMania 2o2o !!!!

    3. The thing is I’ve seen Heyman do press-ups and it’s hard for me to put into English how terrible they are. I think you need to inject PEDs into both of them so they could both enter Wrestlemania looking like  a pair of cave trolls with hunched backs flinging their arms at one another.

    1. In the real world, nope, cos I’d rather watch a guy live a good life than be screwed up as the result of serious head injuries.

    2. Maldini88 Corey is a very good commentator tho? Even on RAW….Paul Heyman called him the best Colour Commentator in the world.

    3. I want Corey to wrestle just to see how could he be on the main roster of raw or smackdown.

  1. How blind does Vince have to be not to see the wonders going heel did for The Rock…why is he soooo obsessed with keeping Roman face even when more than half the crowd is booing him out of the building?

    1. Roman has to be himself in order to improve. The Rock was himself when he was a heel, then when the fans rode the bandwagon he had no choice but to turn face while still being himself. That’s what Roman needs right now

  2. Litas thinking how did I end up here with these two losers where’s her table for three with Trish stratus and Victoria! Or Beth

    1. That needs to happen. Since JR is like a part timer, maybe substitute Booker T or someone for a face commenter. Just not Otunga.

    1. i’ll tell you what They are all commentators/backstage personalities. Graves = RAW, Renee = SDL and Lita = MYC.

  3. never in a million years would the rock ever be 6’5 hes at best 6’3 or maybe a little less he was dwarfed by 6’5 charles barkley

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