home NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Speaks on a Panel at Chiefs Fantasy Camp | NFL

Commissioner Roger Goodell Speaks on a Panel at Chiefs Fantasy Camp | NFL

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks on a panel at the Kansas City Chiefs fantasy camp after he spends the whole day around their facilities.

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34 thoughts on “Commissioner Roger Goodell Speaks on a Panel at Chiefs Fantasy Camp | NFL

  1. Allowing more celebrations might be the only good thing Goodell has ever done

    1. DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #0ne0fone #1hunna to be honest I also liked his propose of reducing the ads and interruption in the game. between kickoff and the following first down for example

    1. JamesFuckHaven #RANTSBITCH nah man I think goodel will chat for them just like he did the pats

    1. It’s needed in sports for recovery. A million dollar athlete should have access on using such concepts of medicine to provide the fans with the experience

    2. A Scott how about before they get into college and the nfl? What will be required for athletes 20 or so years from now?

  2. Do you want is not good for the NFL, Fans, and Football Roger? The International Series…
    A. The UK games pull in no money due to no one in the UK watching them on TV and no money is not something the NFL should be proud of
    B. American Fans and Season Ticket Holders lose home games to a country who doesn’t even have a top 5 largest NFL fanbase in the world and to a country who can just go up north and enjoy the games at where the games belong
    C. Europe and other continents take sports such as Soccer way too seriously and in effect creates riots, game fixing, and attacks on athletes so who knows how they would react if Football becomes popular all around there

    1. LongSnappersLivesMatter your point C is complete bullshit :D. I’m European and also a soccer fan and not every person in europe who is a sports fan goes riot and attacks the players. The agressive fans are only a very small part but there let every one thinking every one is like them

  3. Best thing Goodell is ever done was letting the players celebrate after a touchdown again….

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