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Chris Paul and The Clippers Force a Game 7 in Utah! | April 28, 2017

With the Clippersโ€™ season on the line, Chris Paul puts up a clutch playoff performance (29 points 8 assists) to lead five Clippers in double-figure scoring. Watch as this team effort moves the series back to Los Angeles for a decisive Game 7.

68 thoughts on “Chris Paul and The Clippers Force a Game 7 in Utah! | April 28, 2017

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  1. Well they got the warriors next what’s the point of forcing and trying to win game 7 lmao

    1. Well money is also a factor so each franchise will try to get more postseason games bc of the revenue that it brings in.

      Golden State is a popular team obviously so the tickets are likely to be very high, which is good for either jazz/Clippers

    2. Ayala 2024 I’m saying they should have just lost dumbass. Jazz have a better chance then clippers with out Blake griffin.

    3. if that’s how you think, why not kill yourself right now; since we all will die eventually.

  2. Don’t act like these niggas didn’t just nearly choke a 10 point lead in the final minute of the game.

  3. CP3 is the second best leader in the NBA, the way he controls his teammates and the way he delivers when they need him

    1. He got it wrong all along : we say a Royal Cheese. And no freaking mayonnaise on french fries.. !

    2. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you! talents wasted with the clips. His style of play will allow his to keep playing effectively even as he gets older.

    1. QBeezzy11 any dude with that profile pic automatically a bigger warrior bandwagon than any haha Curry and Durant Choke Brothers hold this fresh L hater

    1. Nba Nation John Wall is coming but I agree with CP3 being the most complete point guard in the league.

    2. Nba Nation bro Westbrook and Curry are not more talented than Chris Paul. Currys just a better 3 point shooter and Westbrook is just more athletic. Other than CP3s better than both of them.

  4. in my opinion, its going to come down to how paul,jordan and crawford play against Haywood and his team should be exciting

    1. Not to mention all the phantom fouls called on the Clippers in this game. The Jazz had like 15 free throws off just the phantom fouls. Jazz fans don’t care either when Hayward shoves defenders off of him to get free or when Rudy tries to tackle people on screens.

  5. imagine if joe johnson hit that 3 he would have been the most clutch player in the nba right along steph curry

    1. Like when he got clamped by the elite perimeter defender Kevin Love in game 7?

  6. Please tell me the Warriors aren’t gonna fucking get lucky and face a Blake Griffinless Clippers. Adam Silver is behind this

    1. KD better defender than LeBum this season. Oh wait LeBron padding his stats whole career, especially in blowouts

    2. Curry and Durant Choke Brothers I don’t want ppl like you to make excuses so I’d rather face a healthy Jazz team

    3. They barely won against the Clippers twice this season even with Paul out. In one of the games Blake had a terrible game and in the other DJ had a terrible game. So the Warriors aren’t that lucky if they face the Clippers.

  7. CP3 deserve a title, same way he deserved MVP when kobe won it, this man works his hardest every year

  8. If they wanna beat the warriors, Deandre Jordan is gonna have to dominate because The warriors really dont have a big that can guard him

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