home WWE Charlotte reveals what may have cost her the Fatal 5-Way at WWE Battleground: July 23, 2017

Charlotte reveals what may have cost her the Fatal 5-Way at WWE Battleground: July 23, 2017

Charlotte describes the physical pitfalls of competing in the Fatal 5-Way Match at WWE Battleground, but gives credit where credit is due to the victor, Natalya.
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77 thoughts on “Charlotte reveals what may have cost her the Fatal 5-Way at WWE Battleground: July 23, 2017

    1. Mohammad Akeh excuse me it’s not my fault it’s Wikipedia’s who say
      ^Mahal selected a Punjabi Prison match, as he explained that his “personal hero” Khali had invented it. Therefore, Mahal ignored their past issues.On July 23, 2017, Khali returned at Battleground as a heel to assist Mahal in his Punjabi Prison match for the WWE Championship against Randy Orton, where he prevented Orton from escaping the structure while Mahal escaped^

    2. Hani DeLa WWE don’t need to tell me that, seen it all, I’m just saying what I have on my mind, an opinion is an opinion

    3. Mohammad Akeh i respect your opinion but i i described khali as a heel because he was described as heel

    1. FuriousLeeBear I’m surprised they’re still doing faces and heels. Cena has been booed for years and Reigns is rejected by the fans yet they’re both supposed to be face

    2. Nuetralism your trying to say that they were both hated and booed a lot in the past couple of years and they should be HEELS, right??? If that’s what your trying to say then here’s the point, John Cena might never turn heel, reason because he wants to the superhero to the PG, he did turn heel in his first 5 years, when he was in the Ruthless Agression Era, but when he was all gangster and stuff like that, as for Roman Reigns then I dunno why he’s face till now, maybe because he did go through the heel moment when he was with the shield

    3. Sasha the Boss Banks I prefer nice Charlotte right now. You just said it, she’s unstoppable as a heel, but now that she’s a face it gives other women a chance to shine.

    4. Olivia Serrano i like charlotte when she was heel and face. ihave never boo her since i saw her.i didnt care about audience booing her in raw i continued to support her.

  1. Obnoxious Girl: What’s my name? What’s my name?
    Me: Annoying
    Obnoxious Girl: NOT ITS UMA
    Me: Uh huh. Okay let’s go with that. (Whispers)Ur name is Lilla idiot.

    1. Jack’s Forehead her in ring skills are good her promos are alright but Naomi is terrible at promos so this will be a bad feud

    2. God no, have you heard her on commentary or in the Nikki Bella feud? She is HORRIBLE on the mic good god, and her wrestling isn’t good enough to make that okay.

    1. Antwyne Bean Somedays I find her really attractive other days I don’t. IDK why

    2. Dude, she doesn’t look that bad without makeup. Besides, it’s not like women don’t wear makeup. Every girl wears makeup, so it doesn’t make a difference anyway.
      PS. She has a nice smile.

    1. Calvin Smith i bet Charlotte & Becky are gonna win that match and after match Becky will turn heel on Charlotte i wont blame her

    1. El Torito He meant pretty good as in a pretty good choice to let her win since his other 2 picks didn’t win. Get our your feelings

    1. Vicente G You gotta think about the new writers to for this era after they let the other ones go even Stephanie McMahon who use to be the best heel and face she had great rivalrys with Triple H Sable Mr McMahon and Tris stratus but she said in a interview she throws out ideas because she thinks on the fans side but when she tells them these things she says the writers and sometimes Vince rejects them like a character like steph doesn’t just get boring for nothing

  2. i believe that a feud between Natalya and Naomi would make a great story line and give Smackdown a little more vibes and to make it more interesting add Carmella into the mix.

  3. As much as I wanted Charlotte to win, I do think Nattie deserved this for a long time now

    1. lildaniel it’s not that. Her last name is Flair so she’ll be alright, title or not. Smackdown just gives opportunities to everyone and not just one or two people like Raw does

    1. Hot? No. She almost looks like a man from head to toe. She is an amazing wrestler though.

  4. Who would you want to marry
    1 Nikki Bella
    2 aj lee
    3 Sasha banks
    4 Bayley
    5 Charlotte flair
    6 Brie
    7 Lana
    8 Natalya
    9 Naomi
    0 big show

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