home NFL Calvin Johnson Highlights from Career-High 329-Yard Game | Cowboys vs. Lions (2013) | NFL Highlights

Calvin Johnson Highlights from Career-High 329-Yard Game | Cowboys vs. Lions (2013) | NFL Highlights

Highlights from former Lions WR Calvin Johnson's career-high 329 yards vs. the Cowboys in October of 2013.

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80 thoughts on “Calvin Johnson Highlights from Career-High 329-Yard Game | Cowboys vs. Lions (2013) | NFL Highlights

    1. Aidan Lapp it’s actually a really good thing that he did because well after football he wouldn’t be moving AT ALL

  1. Who should we do next? Leave your comment below and watch next week to see if your comment made it!

    1. You idiots keep comparing calvin to odell when odell has only played 3 years just trying to hate on him just stop

    1. Julio jones will make a strong case at the end of his career. If nothing else he’s one of the most talented I’ve ever seen.

    2. LOL all these people out here saying rice is better than moss. Hes always had a HOF qb and a great team the top 3 for now are 1- Moss, 2- TO and 3- Calvin.

    1. DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #0ne0fone #1hunna I said it first, he just has more likes than me

  2. If you go by the eye test im better anf more talented than him. If you say no oh well at the end your wrong. *Can’t Wait to break that record and the rest of all his records* 😈

    1. Odell Beckham Jr. #Odeezy #13Hunnit #BreakinRecords ha ha that’s hilarious 😂 that you think Odell is better

    2. Ferdinand Hermman
      I don’t know why ur randomly asking me this question because I just told this fake odell to write realistic comments lol but I’ll still answer your question
      Well, he won the ROTY(averaged almost 100yards per game)
      He broke like 10 rookie records for a reciever
      HE was the fastest reciever to 35 TDs and 3500 yards
      fastest reciever to 4000 yards
      Went to 3 consecutive probowls

    3. Ilyas A. Mehkri I was talking to this fake Odell account but your comment was the last one i saw so I clicked on yours to ask Odell this question

    1. RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound L you only have this account to hate on odell that’s all I see you do

    2. EZO Gaming Odell is only in his 4th year its unfair to compare when’s he’s only played 3 season just give him a few more seasons and he’ll pass him and that catch isn’t the only thing in his career you’re forgetting all of his records and game winners

    3. not need to hate on nobody odell trying to be like me

  3. imagine him and Tom Brady playing together… oh how beautiful that would’ve been to see

    1. Marek Werda, Replaying to your comment on Brady and Moss, and how it’s been ten years and he can’t toss a deep ball. Research Tom Brady’s numbers for 20+ yard passing and touch downs. Statistically, the 2016 season was Brady’s best year throwing the deep ball to Chris Who? Everyone looks at what he did ten years ago with Moss, but he quietly broke some of his own records with out anyone knowing…at the age of 39. Let that sink in.

    2. +Space Pioneer Your right but brady has got to start declining soon next 2-4 years so maybe im off now but soon he wont be able

  4. Thank god Suh left in his prime his career would of been wasted like for Barry and Calvin

    1. Kris Hopson Yea so what about staffords arm you could have the best qb in the league but with a roster like the lions have you’re going nowhere as with the giants you have a 2 time super bowl mvp in Eli manning who is one of the clutchest qbs in nfl history to go along with one of the best defenses in the league they have one of the best chances out of anyone so the chances of odell getting a ring soon is very high

    2. +Hank3666able Lol
      Dolphins have way better WRs
      Dolphins have better defensive line
      Dolphins have better secondary
      Dolphins have way better running back
      Dolphins have better linebackers
      Dolphins have better Head Coach
      Dolphins have better Special Teams.
      Only thing Lions have better than us
      is a better QB because Matthew Stafford is a beast, I love what Cooter has done with him, Lions might as well make him coach not Caldwell, he’s completely changed Stafford, He’s a very good QB. But Tannehill with Gase, Tannehill will catch up but for now Lions have better QB and a better Offensive Line. That’s it lol, how exactly is Miami worse????

    3. Jarvis jUiCe Landry #FinsUp Omg bullshit to half of what you just said in terms of better positions. Ignorant bastard. Landry is the only reciever on your team worth a damn. I’ve never even heard of any of your linebackers. Who do you have in secondary? Oh yeah Grimes? I’d take slay over him.

    1. LOL Randy Moss is the GOAT look what he did when he played with a HOF QB he put up 23td in a season. Jerry Rice always has played with HOF qbs and great teams. Randy did it on his own except when he was with Brady. I would even have Megatron before Jerry Rice. But Randy Moss is better than both

    2. Moss and Rice both had the two QBs who have been debated for GOAT for so long, Calvin had to put up godly numbers with Stafford, who has a good arm but isn’t as good as Moss and Rice’s QBs. Calvin is better.

    1. Michael Lorietta you really think Rodgers with this same lions team would be any different? watch any highlight reel of Rodgers and you’ll see his O-line is what gives him opportunities. put Rodgers on this lions team and he’s just another QB everyone thinks “could be elite someday”.

    2. ?? Gives him opportunities? Wtf u smokin his line has been the problem the last 3 yrs since seahawks won the superbowl hence always losing in playoffa to a team witb even a decent pass rush lol

    1. Asian Sensation agree with most of this except odell is better than landry and i like landry

  5. Damn so nobody going to mention the fact that Brandon Carr getting lit up through this whole highlight

  6. oh the memory of overrated dez saying he was better than calvin and calvin goes off always remember DEZ IS OVERRATED.

    1. Joshua ? that has absolutly nothing to do with the comments made or this video.

    2. Darius #shutdowncorner Slay #23gang #GOAT23 I know it doesn’t. But just wanted to make sure that you didn’t forget about that 🙂

  7. Why is everyone comparing him to Odell calvin is way better, compare him to Randy moss or something but not odell

    1. Exactlyyyyyyyy. Odell is in what, his 3rd or 4th year & megatron been doing this for how long?? lol can’t compare yet but Odell definitely be dateable when his career plays out.

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