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Breezango vs. The Ascension: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

At WWE Money in the Bank 2017, Breezango fight back against the sheer brutality of The Ascension. Courtesy of WWE Network.


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52 thoughts on “Breezango vs. The Ascension: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

    1. The fashion files are bigger than boreman lames? They seem kinda short but if you say so

    1. yeah, it probably doesn’t live up to its hype but it definitely didn’t suck… men’s mitb match was awesome… just sone filler segment made it a little boring.

    2. The Wrestling Enthusiast The endings of the first two matches were terrible, this match should be on the preshow, the male mitb match was predictable.

  1. #CorbienSucks
    What I Want To Happen, Baron Becomes The WWE Champion And Feud With AJ Styles, AJ Styles Become The World Champ And Feud with Cena, Cena Won’t Win The WWE Championship, CM Punk returns, Become World Champion And Feud With Nakamura, AJ Styles Wants A Rematch!! WM34 Main Event: AJ Styles VS CM Punk VS Shinsuke Nakamura!! I Won’t Spoiler Who Won, In The Next Upload Of WWE You’ll Know, Like If You Agree!!

    1. totallynotwolfie He probably knows there jobbers now and spends most of his time in catering.

  2. Hope all the fuckboys that said Nakamura is overrated are happy now. Baron Corbin won. Happy now?

    1. Marcus Lutchman Exactly!!! Styles was feuding with Owens a month ago and Nakamura is being pushed. IMO Corbin and Zayn should have been the winners since they are the ones who (if anyone deserves it) need a push.

    1. lil115slayer personally I liked extreme rules more than mitb… I only liked men’s mitb match today… while extreme rules surely had some very bad matches but it had great matches too… ic title match… tag titles match…. and fatal fuve way was amazing
      though its tough to choose between fatal five way and mitb match🤔🤔

    2. PS 2785 Nah it didn’t live up the hype. With card stacked up like that it SHOULD’VE been better than last year

  3. Let’s start A movement for Triple H to run WWE and make it great again.


  4. first Carmella, than jinder mahal retains, and Baron corbin won….wth wwe…wtf

    1. Rosemary Deonarine tamina has been in the company for years when is her “opportunity” going to come. Sami zayn has been great this entire time, yet his “opportunity” still didn’t come yet. They are more deserving of an “opportunity” than Corbin and Carmella

  5. Out of all the people in the MITB ladder match they had Corbin win…why?
    AJ beat CENA,
    Nakamura beat Dolph,
    Dolph won MITB before,
    Kevin is the U.S. champion,
    Sami deserves a push,
    and what did Baron do…absolutely nothing but lose.

    1. +M Man426 it’s wwe you expect them to listen to fans and give the win to idk aj styles or shinsuke nakamura

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