home NFL Bill Belichick’s Greatest Inspiration | Happy Father’s Day | NFL

Bill Belichick’s Greatest Inspiration | Happy Father’s Day | NFL

Bill Belichick talks about his greatest inspiration throughout life and football, his father, Steve Belichick. #NFLDads

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47 thoughts on “Bill Belichick’s Greatest Inspiration | Happy Father’s Day | NFL

  1. The man has a true heart, loves his family, football team, and community

    1. Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins Fan

      Actually the judge thought Brady was lying as to the reasons why he smashed his phone. So did everyone else

    2. Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins so why do they have the biggest fine in history for cheating why were They the first team in history to be taken first round picks for cheating why was Tom Brady suspended for cheating…tom didn’t fight his case cause he knew he was guilty… Only bandwagon fans like you defending this tarnished team

    1. TheBallsKicker how do the Celtics suck if we have the most rings in the NBA, how do the Red Sox suck even thought where 2nd in the division and the Bruins don’t suck either. This shows how you don’t know anything about sports.

    1. Roger Goodell

      The video recording and playbook stealing started then, it just wasn’t uncovered until 2007.

    2. +FunnyVideoMaker77 They found the tapes but there was no video of them taping their opponents therefore false

    3. Roger Goodell

      Actually there was and Goodell ordered NFL Officials to destroy it.

    4. +FunnyVideoMaker77 Don’t be putting the heat on me this is Belichick we’re discussing

    1. Vince Lombardi coached in an era when there was basically no free agency and the best teams stayed together for a very long time. There was also a lot less teams than there are now. Please tell me how your argument that he is the best makes any sense.

    2. And how many of those wins were when we was healthy

  2. a few seasons from now i assume a few its gonna be the lombardi/Belichick trophy 👌

    1. Wilmer Wallman I’m also putting these people into their places. They have to get off their high horse and accept the fact that the Patriots are the best team in the NFL.

    2. True anyone saying otherwise is pretending. I’m a colts fan but I will always respect belichick as miles ahead of any other coach today at least. Historically I’d say he’s easily the greatest. People are reluctant to admit that probably because he’s still coaching. They’ll change their tune when he retires.

    3. What type of team wins the SB and the year after that doesn’t make it to the playoffs even with that defense (Broncos). The Patriots are getting better and better every year and are consistent. For example week 1 against the Cardinals we didn’t have Brandy and Gronk and we still pulled out a W. That game against Denver 2 years ago, that season game, we were so injured and we played very well against a top defense, imagine us getting healthy we would probably would of beat you guys. #GoPats #StaySalty #KeepOnHating

  3. Never thought I’d look through a comment section and see mostly positive comments about Bill

    1. Daddy Sosa Am not but i still liked and i also sub to you can you please sub back to me and also have a great day.

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