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Biggest Disappointments of the 2017 NFL Draft | NFL Network

NFL Network breaks down their biggest disappointments of the 2017 NFL Draft.

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72 thoughts on “Biggest Disappointments of the 2017 NFL Draft | NFL Network

  1. I think my Packers did well. We got key positions that we really needed. Wish we didn’t trade with Cleveland so we could get T.J. Watt. And I wish we got Joe Mixon, but oh well. A good draft we’ve had in a while. I’ll take it.

    1. 3lement2010 I’m kinda glad that we traded with Cleveland. If we did not trade with Cleveland and got watt Instead, the packers wouldn’t have Kevin King. Instead Of Watt we got Biegel who could be a star in GB. Williams could be the starting RB in GB next season. Overall, great draft and I give it an A-

    2. Anyguy4321 I think their secondary is great now. King,House,HaHa,Burnett, and Micah Hydes replacement Josh Jones. Randall,Gunter,Rollins been facing injuries last year so they might improve. I think Randall has the potential to be a great CB. Pass rush could be better but overall I think this defense could possible end up in the top 15 which is all Rodgers needs a defense that can get stops.

    3. I’m not a Packers fan but I think King will be a great corner that could have gone several picked before where he did and no one would have thought anything about it.

  2. All the players the cowgirls picked are automatic busts especially the offense because they lost 2 of their o lineman

    1. Coolkingjt money lol I’m a Giants fan and I highly doubt that they’re going to play good they will get torched by every receiver in the NFC east along with now The NFC east has to play the AFC west so good luck with those scrubs

    1. Moses Devadass Mitch was the only QB in the draft who could read past his first progression. In the NFL they take away your first option. Mitch stands a better chance to be successful early on in his career. You’re doomed in life if you don’t do your own research. These talking heads are idiots on purpose.

    2. Moses Devadass Keep listening to the press you will be. These talking heads are idiots and you’re doomed if you don’t do your own research….fact is Mitch was the only legit QB prospect who could read past his first progression. His learning curve is not that steep, the other QBs played in a one read offence. In the NFL they always take away your first option. Plus the guy can run and has the mental makeup to learn and lead. It’s easy to pick on the white guy and Mitch will get it all season. The (((press))) found another Brock and will do everything they can to destroy him.

    3. Tom Brady Shady #WOAT#CryBaby#StillCheating You’re clearly an idiot. Can I guess Raider or Cowboy fan?

    4. xProdigy1994 why shitlord? because the (((press))) is already destroying the confidence of the people around Mitch?

  3. Wanna hear a joke?

    Cowgirls Randy Gregory and his 7th failed drug test

    1. +Tom Brady Shady #WOAT#CryBaby#StillCheating True, it’s still funnier than that scrub, who tbh i’d be surprised to see him still in the league this time next year.

    2. Tom Brady Shady #WOAT#CryBaby#StillCheating still won more superbowls than your entire organization

    1. Lupita Nunez yes and it’s totally not “jacked up” to wish death upon our own president.

    2. Lupita Nunez I hate trump but wishing death on him is low…plus I think pence may be worse than trump

  4. It’s like Reid and Dorsey finally realized Alex Smith isn’t winning a superbowl. Good pick.

    1. MJP yeah we all are system quarterbacks with some cheating

    2. What Reid didn’t realize is that they’re actually just a RB away, it doesn’t matter whose QB. They ain’t winning the SB with Spencer Ware lol

    1. Tommy Cravens to early to say that, i dont see garrett being a bust but peppers, njoku, and kizer i can easily see busting

    2. SeeYaNever they’ll develop him for a year or two before they play him so he’ll be fine for the NFL

  5. Well once again the Seahawks are showing us that they aren’t willing to protect their poor Quarterback.

    1. Larry Arguello but they’re still gonna Win the NFC west

    2. neondeion12 hold this L fuckboy, it was a mistake thinking he was a cowgirls fan. I’m the real Tom Shady from the cheatriots who cheats to win Super Bowls.

    3. @Tom Brady Shady #WOAT#CryBaby#StillCheating
      My comment was to Larry Arguello pointing out how dumb he was for actually believing you are a Tom Brady fan which was clear when I said “@Larry Arguello”.

      You aren’t even a good troll

    4. neondeion12 WOW!!!!!!!! I’m the real Tom Brady Shady, the best cheater in the nfl and who said im Trolling you raging idiot.😂😂😂😂 I’m all facts so try harder you loser😂

    1. Meh, Mixon isn’t a dirty player on the field, and he has been clean since the incident. I think he’ll be fine for the most part. At least, I hope.

  6. Now that Brock Osweiler is on the scrap heap #Bears fans beware the (((press))) will direct that energy destroying Mitch Trubisky.

    1. That’s quite the conspiracy theory you got there. Oh well, it’s a good thing the (((ESPN))) shabbos goys are getting replaced now.

    2. Shogun147 Anytime the (((press))) feels a gentile got something he didn’t deserve, Chosenites will destroy his reputation and damage his career. I first noticed this with Tebow, a normal human being who they turned into a fundamentalist wacko.
      When Brock got 72 million shekels they felt was undeserved, he was crucified after every game, even after wins. “Worst QB in the League” “72 million dollar disater”. Now I see the same cucks and hacks redirecting that energy to the Polish Rook QB Mitch Trubisky…watch out Mitch, the Chosenites don’t think you’re worth the 2nd overall pick. And will hint and snipe that Bears overdrafted because he’s white. So glad we drafted Watson just to get (((them))) off our back. Most fans don’t even know Tyrod Taylor had a terrible year. And his 100 million dollar contact was NEVER thrown in his face… Sickening how they coddle one race and slander the other.

    1. imma watch as Kizer becomes the best QB outta this draft, even though he got picked by thr browns

    1. Greg Ward did not even get drafted at all if you look on you tube and see his highlights you would be blown away from his talent.

    1. Jonathan Rochester I feel like Watson is a starter out of the draft, Pat isn’t. They have Alex Smith and Reid to nurture mahomes to make him a starter eventually. If Alex Smith got injured at the end of the season and was out, then they would have drafted Watson

  7. still can’t figure out why the bears gave up 4 picks to move up one!. the 49ers weren’t taking a qb lol. 9ers screwed them over lol

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