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Beth Phoenix joins the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017

The Glamazon will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame two nights before WrestleMania 33.

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86 thoughts on “Beth Phoenix joins the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017

    1. I really loved and respected Chyna but it was like she fell from grace , from a well paid WWF superstar to doing terrible C class movies to porn. I‘m not sure if she did it to feed her drug habit though. I can honestly say I never seen anything she made though. Closest I‘ve come is owning her Playboy magazine

    1. Chris Sahyoun don’t let that distract you from the fact that Roman Reings was number 30 at the royal rumble. remember the rumble.

    1. Chyna is another one like Benoit, no matter what they’ve accomplished they’re stuff outside of wrestling will forever overshadow their careers.

    1. Wow that was such a great comeback from a loser like you who doesn’t seem to realize sunny does the same and actually gets in before the likes of real women competitors like trish,lita,ext. more importantly beth retired not even 5 years ago there was no reason to put her ahead of people that gave more

  1. I have a great amount of respect for Beth Phoenix, but Chyna, Ivory, Victoria, and Molly Holly all deserved to get inducted before she did.

  2. She was in an era when Women’s Wrestling was pretty terrible to be honest. She provided a great in-ring style and presence that’s unmatched today. #SheDeservesIt

    1. Four pillars of each era for women’s wrestling:

      1996 – 2000: Chyna doesn’t count because she wrestled in the male division at the time – Ivory, Sable, Jaqueline and Stephanie – Sex Appeal era

      2001 – 2005: Trish, Lita, Victoria, Molly Holly – Excellent talent – But sadly time of bra & panties matches

      2006 – 2008: Mickie, Melina, Candice, Michelle Mchool – Great

      2009 – 2010: Mickie, Beth, Michelle McCool, Maryse – Excellent

      2011-2012 – Terrible Era: Kelly, The Bellas, Eve, Natalya – The time Beth Left
      The reason why this era was terrible was because it was focused on models instead of wrestlers who were in top in terms of shape and wrestling ability

      2013 – 2014: AJ Lee, Paige, Kaitlyn, The Bellas – New Hope

      2015 – 2016: Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banx, The Bellas – Divas Revolution

      Today: Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banx, Becky Lynch, Bayley – Where women’s wrestling should have been.

    2. maddman9876 Melina was one of the best wrestlers during that time. What are you talking about? Bret Hart even said she’s the best wrestler he has ever seen.

    1. Katycat Lovatic Barbella She was a pornstar. Triple H said she will get in eventually when the time is right

  3. I love Beth and respect her so much but c’mon WWE, what about Victoria, Luna Vachon, Chyna, Molly Holly, Jazz or Ivory… like… seriously?

    1. I heard that Luna left on bad terms. Chyna won’t go in because of politics. Jazz is involved with the concussion lawsuit which ruins her chances. I think Victoria, Ivory, and Molly Holly should go in. Beth Phoenix deserves the induction, but one of those three should of gone in first.

    2. I feel like WWE won’t put Victoria to Hall of Fame cause she was in TNA for quite a while idk, that’s just my feeling lol xDDD

  4. WWE you hate Victoria right? omfg she deserves the hall of fame long time ago, i feel so sorry for her

    1. Caffané Alvarado Victoria is still wrestling, that’s why. She left WWE on good terms, she’s still wrestling.

  5. How about Chyna and Michelle McCool?I think Michelle should be in the HOF because she is the first ever divas champion and she is the only woman who own the womens title and divas title at the same time.

    1. Black Rulership WWE Hall of Fame is VERY irrelevant CUZ the wwe HELPED them have a hall of fame career. Who they beat and what titles they held means nothing CUZ they were scripted. They can script a rookie to be the first to have every wwe title at once if they wanted to.

  6. This was probably in the works long before Chyna’s death, so let’s not ruin it for Beth, there’s always next year

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