home WWE Becky Lynch calls out people who “get handed a lot of things” in WWE: June 18, 2017

Becky Lynch calls out people who “get handed a lot of things” in WWE: June 18, 2017

Becky Lynch can only express frustration and hopelessness at the outcome of the first-ever Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
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82 thoughts on “Becky Lynch calls out people who “get handed a lot of things” in WWE: June 18, 2017

    1. I’ve used that hashtag for months. since wm33. Becky is the total package
      she’s great in the ring 🔥
      she’s beautiful😍
      She makes a good baby facts 👼
      she makes a good heel😈
      she is great in the Mic 🎤

    1. I knew he was going to win it too. Before KO was moved to SD Live it was Baron Corbin who was the top heel and he still is. WWE been building him up for several months.

    2. and what i like about his heel character is that he faces everyone heel or face he legit hates everyone and its fun to watch him destroy everyone

    1. Jordan Maessen What do you mean if she lost her accent? She’s Irish ffs. she can’t just drop something that’s natural to her. Nevertheless, I’d be intrigued if she turned heel

    2. +justin fleming . Bryon Saxton is an stupid idiot regardless. To me, I say what goes around comes around and if Becky does turn heel on Charlotte, I would not be surprised.

    1. TheKnightBlade4 You’re not exactly arguing your case very well. What’s next someone’s not racist because they have a black friend? That logic is a meme at this point.

    2. Delta Screen I have literally never known a single guy that I enjoyed being around that talked about women or people in general like that. But yeah it is true that a lot of people do it. However numbers don’t justify an action no matter how many.

    3. Jacob Schantz why do you assume the racist person isn’t black? plus if you hated a particular race, why the hell you befriend someone of that race? I hate hockey, I don’t force my self to watch it… I suppose there could be some masochists out there, but that would be a small percentage of people. Plus the problem is people misuse the terms racists and sexists, pointing out biological and evolutionary differences between groups of people is somehow seen as sexist or racist… Facts are not racist

    4. +Jacob Schantz​ Culture and environment are large factors which determines who talks in that way.
      Regardless you can be all for gender equality and talk in this manner privately.

  1. Say what you want but the best woman climbed that ladder and seized that opportunity.

  2. y’all wrong for this, this was going to be a historical moment for women’s wrestling but once again you let a man win

    1. Boss of Royalty Santino Marella won a women’s battle royal at Wresltemania 25 to show who the best woman is. Basically, WWE said the best woman is a man

    1. Jordan Maessen styles doesn’t need the money in the bank brief case, but Ziggler I wouldn’t mind winning, but styles gonna win the US title at SummerSlam, so don’t worry styles is gonna be a champion again

    2. GREENMANYEA I think the problem was not the people winning but how they won .
      Anyone would be fine if Carmella won but she didn’t grab the briefcase her goblin sidekick did.If he had like just been pushing down ladders or distracting the women no one would have complained too much but he grabbed the briefcase in a WOMEN’S money in the bank match and the first ever one at that.
      There is no way Randy would be distracted that long so it makes Jinder’s win seem so undeserved.
      Naomi and Lana had a very weird finish.
      The tag team match was underwhelming and ended in count out .
      So it really is the match ending and not the people that won .

  3. Is anyone surprised that James Ellsworth helped Carmella win the MITB match, saw it from a mile away

    1. pablo sanchez ikr I’m like the bell didn’t ring when he grabbed it it rang when she touched it

    1. Marcus Eilum. She’s the WWE women’s stepping stone that’s why their treating her like this.

    2. I’d rather she doesn’t turn heel for another six months just cuz she’s such an excellent face

  4. Becky Lynch is amazing. She sounded legitimately angry and frustrated and i thought she was about to cry there for a minute.

    1. actually i dnt mind whoever win it but james ellsworth ruined the history making match, i hate him more now.

    1. O Aleatorio Don’t worry, just accpt the thing, we’ll see what happens tuesday with Daniel Bryan

    1. Fernando gb And if Becky beats Ellsworth, Ellsworth gets terminated from the WWE…for good!

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