home WWE Baron Corbin ambushes Shinsuke Nakamura during his entrance: WWE Money in the Bank 2017

Baron Corbin ambushes Shinsuke Nakamura during his entrance: WWE Money in the Bank 2017

An impatient Baron Corbin sneaks up on Shinsuke Nakamura from behind and batters him before the start of the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Courtesy of WWE Network.


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71 thoughts on “Baron Corbin ambushes Shinsuke Nakamura during his entrance: WWE Money in the Bank 2017

    1. TaichoKilla i dislike Corbin he is a good superstar he just i do not not know i not a fan i wanted zayn to win because he is a underdog and he need it corbin does not need it have him be us champ or something have zayn become the next Daniel bryen

    1. Watch where ya going ya fool there was naomi, breezango and the new day via count out, but yeah the heels win the matches that mattered…

  1. It’s him barons that one guy with multiple accounts saying nakamora is overrated 😱😱😱

    1. +axeking3440 Samoa Joe does it apart of a storyline, Corbin did it out of pure randomness. It would’ve been made for sense for Corbin to attack Zayn or for Owens to attack Shinsuke as they’ve been feuding.

  2. Aj Styles vs Nakamura needs to be saved for Wrestlemania! It’ll be amazing if they do! 🙏

    1. Trio Plays with the way wwe is right now that will probably not happen and I’m guessing now that Corbin won an is gonna fued with aj or an is gonna fued with someone else and shinsuke is gonna fued with Kevin for the us title

    2. Marcus Paterson no.. you dont know WWE.. shut up Pls..
      at wrestralmania 34 we will see WWE championship match: AJ styles vs Nakamura..
      styles wins royal rumble and Nakamura wins the title before

    3. Mr.RafeiroL not gonna happen, Roman Reigns is gonna win the Rumble, Nakamura vs AJ Styles will be on the pre show of wrestlemania

    4. PineroF shut up man!! if you dont know things about wrestling shut up seriously!! i know roman reigns hás a big push.. but no.. AJ styles wiil win the rumble.. we just havê 5 guys to win the rumble..
      1- AJ styles
      2- Nakamura
      3- undertaker( i believe he returns at number 30 and wins.. at wrestralmania we get roman vs Lesnar vs undertaker, if taker win e stil 23-0 )
      – seth Rollins
      – booby roode
      – or other..

  3. Sad we don’t get to see the best entrance in the business, and the one person with no business near a world title is now Mr Money in the Bank. Very disappointing, Corbin literally got the Eva Marie reaction after attacking the most popular superstar in wwe, how can you push? Looks like another lose to the record book. Even Mahal is more entertaining and he is literally a jobber. This is why HHH needs control the wrestlers that are main eventers will be main eventers.

    For anyone trying to debate Corbin being even close to Nakamuras level how many world titles has Corbin won? Nakamura is a 3 time IWGP world champion, 5 time IWGP IC champion, and a 2 time NXT Champion, unless you can find anything close to that you are wasting everyone’s time

    1. Shane Isaak Nakamura or Styles don’t need the win The MITB. They don’t need a briefcase to win the title. They can win without the briefcase. That’s how good they are. They don’t need it. The MITB is for people who are midcarders to go up right away. AJ Styles and Nakamura can win a world title without the money in the bank. Corbin is a great heel and the main heel on smackdown. All the other participants yeah they are above him but they’ll win the title soon. AJ already did. Now they will soon.

    2. Carlos Ramos its to elevate talent, not just mid careers, any talent for instance Seth wasn’t really a mid carder he just got out of a dominant faction and to really push him to the moon he won MiTB so he didn’t just appear in the main event. AJ yes he doesn’t need it, Nakamura does, he is as talented as the day is long however he needs to be pushed or he will end up faulting. Basically what Vince usually does to NXT stars. You have a window after a debut, doesn’t take long for people to move on form what happened in NXT

  4. #BaronSucks
    The Story Continues, Who Missed Go To The Last Upload Of WWE Before This One: OK, So Shinsuke Won The Main Event At WM33 And Became The WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler Came Out And SuperKicked Him, Later On Smackdown Live, Shinkuke Nakamura And Randy Orton Defeated Dolph Ziggler And Baron Corbien, BackLash: Sami Zayn Defeated Baron Corbin And Became The US Champ, On Main Event, Shinsuke Nakamura VS Ziggler, What Happend?! You’ll Know Tommorow!! Oh Yeah I Forgat To Tell Ya More About The US Championship Match, Baron Won It From Owens And Now Sami Took The Championship From Corbin Bye People!!

  5. Hey guys, its RAW tomorrow. You know what that means. Either Enzo or Cass will be knocked unconscious.

    1. D0ge Cat Or Boogeyman lames will win again. After all RAW stands for Roman Always Wins

  6. Finally someone got a push after winning the Andre The Giant memorial battle royal 😂😂😂

  7. Now everybody turned on baron.Gosh I hate this fanbase.Whoever does a big thing gets hated by this stupid fanbase.So they ‘Look cool’and get likes and attention.

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