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Australia vs Brazil 0-4 – All Goals & Extended Highlights – Friendly 13/06/2017 HD

International Friendly, Season 2016-17.
High Definition.

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    1. Christian Adrian e usted estara a chorar, vendo de su casa, los mejores a ganar otra vez… e ira morier, e nunca vera vicentina ganar alguna cosa… la eterna vicentina

    1. +We call it Dutch [Rush Dutch] clearly you haven’t read my above comment even tho you replied to it or maybe you chose to ignore it THIS IS A SERIOUS SPORT, A BEAUTIFUL GAME it’s not like those other boring sports like golf and and tennis and stuff which are meaningless it involves tactics, training non-stop, dedication and countries actually cry and get furious over this same sport so people like you who only like the game and don’t observe it and study it and have a passion for it shouldn’t be dishing out comments like these and say “you’re just joking” that’s not how it works pal

  1. So sad seeing two countries that you love going up against each other, the country where you were born and raised and the country which your heritage lies… Good job Brazil 👌

  2. Brazil has the two best sides in the world, Marcelo and Daniel Alves, Casemiro has midfield, Neymar, Coutinho and striker Gabriel Jesus. What a strong selection, I smell hexa in 2018

    1. Germany does not have a neymar in the attack or a marcelo in the side or a casemiro in the middle of field

  3. Diego Souza scored after 10 seconds and again in the last minute as Brazil beat Confederations Cup-bound Australia 4-0 in an international friendly on Tuesday.
    Enjoy this moment!

    1. +Boulon Marcus Stfu kid.Why dragging him in every video?Are u too much obsessed with him?

    1. +Thiago PSG they look faaar better than 2014 of course but I think they aren’t experienced enough on the national side. Most players either barley have any international experience of big tournaments or are still really young(almost everyone except neymar, thiago Silva, Marcelo and alves if he plays)

  4. This was posted 11 mins ago
    First goal 11 sec in
    A triangle has 11 sides
    Neymars number is 11
    I am 11
    11 is a number
    Illuminati Confirmed

  5. even in champions trophy, Australia 0-2 n out of the turnament. hard luck for Aus in sports.

    1. Mazrati un macaco Brazuca viviendo en las Vegas porque su país es una mierda ajjajaja

    2. +Valentin Gimenez your comment is irrelevant because I’m Brazilian American which means Brazilian background but born in the United States

    3. Suraj Opinion is Never Better Germany, Italy, France, those are the top countries

    1. Fair enough. Australia will be very fortunate to make it out of the group stage in both confederations cup and WC.

    2. timothy pita yep, Australia would have to be very fortunate to make it out of the group stages, in the world cup especially. last time we achieved that was in the 2002 world cup I believe, when we had the best generation of Australian footballers ~ Harry Kewell, Mark bosnich, Mark viduka, Lucas Neill, bresciano etc

    3. +4231jerome it was in 2006. i agree that it was our best chance, we don’t really have any ‘stars’ now. Still feel robbed by the Italian dive that resulted in the penalty.

    4. timothy pita haha yeah I know. We played so well against Italy in that match, and had the momentum with us going towards extra time. It was such a shocking dive and it hurt so bad. I wish Lucas Neill didn’t slide in, I don’t think he had to.

    1. Rome1017: Argentina was going through a crisis, they were switching from coaches in between games, Buaza wasn’t any good. Before the game against Brazil during the South America WCQ, the same Argentina team lost at home to Paraguay, so them losing to Brazil 3-0 wasn’t any surprise given how low the team was at the time. When Brazil faced Argentina they were at one of their lowest moments, the team was in crisis and turmoil. So the 3-0 WCQ happen when Argentina was at their lowest stage. Let’s see you win against Argentina with Sampaoli at the helm now, finally Argentina has a world class coach. Sampaoli have played Brazil in four straight game now which he hasn’t lost in normal play. Brazil 2 vs Chile 2 (2013 friendly, at the Maracana), Brazil 1 vs Chile 1 (2014 world cup, Brazil won the penalty shootout), Chile 2 vs Brazil 0 (2018 WC qualifiers), Argentina 1 vs Brazil 0 (2017 friendly game). So as you can see, Sampaoli as the Chilean nt and Argentina nt coach haven’t lost to either Scholari, Dunga and now Tite in regular play.

      The fact is, given the little time Sampaoli had with the team, Argentina still manage to defeat Brazil, who have been together as a group and a coherent unit since the 2016 Rio Olympics. This is a friendly and I’m not putting too much into the result but we are still talking about arguably football greatest rivalry (maybe Real vs Barca can make a claim to this title) on the pitch. Brazil and Argentina never want to lose to each other no matter the situation of the game, this is a fact.

      You don’t really understand football, there wasn’t any B team on display for Brazil, there was only a few exceptions on the Brazil roster who made their debut. Majority of the Brazil team selection were players that have been in and out of the squad since 2013 through to 2017, it’s not about A or B teams. BTW, Paulinho has been Brazil best player in the CONMEBOL WC qualifying games. Let’s take Miranda for example, he has been the starter for Brazil in majority of the games under Tite, but at the same time it’s not like Thiago Silva wasn’t better than Miranda the whole time, the coach just like Miranda better at the time. Seriously, Miranda is no A class player else he wouldn’t be stuck at struggling Inter Milan. Marquinhos and Thiago Silva were the center backs for PSG when they lost 6-1 to Barcelona this past season…Thiago Silva and David Luis were the center back for Brazil when they lost 7-1 to Germany at the 2014 world cup. What I’m trying to say is, with an exception of few call ups, most of these Brazilian players are recycle players that have been in and out of the Brazilian team in the last 10 years. The A/B team gibberish won’t work. a B team would be like what Germany is using at this year Confederation Cup, a roster made up of mostly U23/U20 players. All the players on the Brazilian team are establish club players be it in Europe, South America or China.

      Augusto and Paulinho have been the core of the Brazilian midfield under Tite with Casmeiro and Fernandinho battling for the CDM role. Both Paulinho and Augusto plays in Chinese league. And as I said earlier, Paulinho has been Brazil best player in the last several games for them, not Neymar or Marcelo. Paulinho is also Brazil top goalscorer in the WCQ’s.

      ”Also stadium was not sold out. capacity is 105,000, would have heard commentator say that if you watched the game. ” The reason for this was because the stadium is officially a cricket ground, being that a cricket ground is normally bigger than a soccer pitch, the football pitch itself was far away from the lower tier stands. The reason why they had empty seats on the lower tier was because the supporting fans wouldn’t have been able to see the game from there because of the advertising board hovering around the makeshift football pitch. This was already explained during the game instead you just wanted to say stuff that was in no way accurate.

      Brazil best two chances came in the second half, so this just prove my point, all this happen after Sampaoli made changes to the second half. You can talk about shots all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that all the stats were pointing to an Argentina dominance. Eibar having more shot on goal against Barcelona in La Liga wouldn’t suggest Eibar dominated the game. Now I’m not comparing Eibar to Brazil, this was just an example of saying a team who had more shot was dominant. During the Brazil vs Germany 2014 world cup semifinal game; Brazil had 18 shots with 14 on target while Germany had 10 shots with 8 on target, so with your logic, does this mean Brazil dominated Germany during their 7-1 rout?

    2. Trendy Splendid Boss what this long story about at this point Brazil needs only a point to qualify for the world cup from 4 games , meanwhile Argentina can’t even afford to draw a game this foolishness about wether it’s Brazil’s A team or B team or whatever is irrelevant what does it prove. You keep going on and on about who were in and out of the team , that does say the team today is not their B team does ,how many on this team are regular starters . Argentina beating Brazil 1-0 what did that do for either team regarding world cup qualification. Brazil beat Argentina 3-0 even if you claim they were at a low point that result was important bcz it put them in a position to qualify for WC 2018 that 1-0 does nothing regarding the WC for Argentina , what you should be concerned about is fact that Argentina may not qualify forWC 2018 , not wether B use B team or whatever, not wether Brazil hasn’t beaten a team coached by .Sampaoli .

    3. Noel: Argentina is currently fifth, they have both Venezuela and Peru at home which they will likely win. Argentina next WCQ game will be away to an out of form Uruguayan team who have lost five straight games. With how things stand, Argentina will directly qualify for Russia. And let’s say Argentina remain 5th, then that means they will either play against New Zealand or Solomon Island in a two-way playoff tie which I don’t see Argentina losing.

      I mention the B/A teams because I have been reading them over the internet. A (A or B) team would be like Brazil sending a team of U20/U23 players to play against Argentina. Brazil select players from a pool of guys who have been around for at least 10 years with the national team with some new faces here and there. People are getting carried away because of Brazil current run in qualification. So from here on, anytime Brazil lose a game the excuse will be they’ve qualify already? The only thing world cup qualification guarantee is a spot at the next world cup not the world cup title itself. These Brazilian fans are just too much; no wonder they boo and whistle their own team at times.

      CONMEBOL world cup qualifying is never a good indication of how a team will perform at the upcoming FIFA world cup. When Brazil won the world cup in 1994 & 2002 they struggled both times in CONMEBOL qualifiers especially in 2002 where Brazil almost did not make it. Uruguay had to go through a playoff to make it to the 2010 world cup yet Uruguay was a semifinalist team at the 2010 world cup. Argentina blew away all the teams during the 2002 CONMEBOL WCQ campaign setting a record 44 points (I believe) yet crashed out of the 2002 world cup during the group stage.

      South American qualifiers are very complicated, the games are just tougher and brutal than anywhere else. The most important thing is peaking at the right time, I feel Brazil have peaked way too early, and their one dimensional counter attacking play will be figured out by the other top nations by now and next summer. Don’t forget Brazil won the Confederation Cup in 2013, obliterating Spain in the final and went into the 2014 world cup with a 23 game unbeaten run. What happen during the world cup? Lackluster opening performance against Croatia, draw game against Mexico etc. My point is, qualifying games at the end of the day have no bearing on how a team will perform at the 2018 world cup next. Sweden defeat France the other day in the UEFA qualification, does that mean Sweden is better or to suggest that Sweden have a better shot at winning the world cup than France next year? Brazil run in recent FIFA tournaments haven’t been good (be it world cup or Copa America) so until they show up at the 2018 world cup, what they do now will be irrelevant in next year tournament. And this goes for Argentina too.

    4. Trendy Splendid Trendy Splendid Trendy Splendid you’re forgetting that sampaoli hasn’t played this Brazil starting team. all those other times you’ve mentioned him facing brazil, has been against dunga, a poor excuse of a coach twice over.

      Even if it’s the same players recycled over there’s no denying they’re playing 10fold better than they did when they played under Dunga. the team that faced Argentina are not the team that have been in world cup qualifying, ignoring that is silly. They have not been together since the olympics. players like Taison, Souza, Giuliano, Sandro, Luiz..etc I could go on. have only just been called either due to injury (in Souza’s case) or because Tite already has a squad capable. you can’t say that Miranda is a better player than Thiago, Luiz, etc it’s not a valid statement. If the players don’t play together as a unit THE WAY Tite wants them to then there’s no point in having a world class player. Despite how good Thiago is he has still been a substitute. And the same goes for Luiz and Sandro who until now were not called up at all.

      And again it doesn’t matter if Tite is calling up the same recycled players Dunga did, the way he uses them is all that matters. And the exact same can be said about Sampaoli, why wasn’t Bouza able to extract the same amount of energy from the players as Sampaoli has? It’s all because Sam is a much better coach.

      Argentina will no doubt play Better (it’s impossible to be worse) but to ignore that the team Tite put out wasn’t the best is laughable. Not the best Team available = second string, second string = B team. Just like Germany is doing for the confed cup.

      My argument is why wasn’t Argentina not able to make more chances against a Brazil squad that has never played together and isn’t the best available. while the opposite is 90% true for Argentina. Argentina should have won by a lot more than 1 fairly lucky goal.

    1. +Sapin Culé the A team is Marquinhos, Miranda, Daniel Alves, Marcelo, Paulinho, Renato Augusto, Casemiro, Gabriel Jesus, Coutinho and Neymar.
      Brazil’s team against Argentina and Austrália was B.

    2. Julian Hardway
      lolol Messi, Do Maria, Dybala, Higuain, Banega, Big lie, Romero, Otamendi, Mercado and Maidana are Argentina’s C team?!?!
      I’d love to see their A Team, hopefully they’re not as dissapounting

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