home NFL Andrew Luck or Cam Newton: Who is Under More Pressure in 2017? | Inside Minicamp | NFL Network

Andrew Luck or Cam Newton: Who is Under More Pressure in 2017? | Inside Minicamp | NFL Network

Who is under more pressure to have a great 2017 Season Andrew Luck or Cam Newton?

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43 thoughts on “Andrew Luck or Cam Newton: Who is Under More Pressure in 2017? | Inside Minicamp | NFL Network

  1. Andrew Luck easily. He’s got to return to the playoffs and be that MVP type QB we all that he would be. The same can be said for Cam Newton though. But Luck is under more pressure IMO.

  2. Cam. Luck has always been good but had no pieces around him.. cam played like crap last year and still has A LOT to work on in the pass game

    1. +Tytyty Sansan actually the bills made it in ’99😂 but that’s still pathetic lol

    2. +Tytyty Sansan LOL😂😂😂 that’s a very pathetic fact too I would be so shamed. At least the Colts aren’t that bad 😂

    1. Mike Evans your madden stats are trash. I used you in madden 17 and whenever I’d chuck it up to you, you’d never catch it. your catch in traffic dont work

  3. I love the doubters they are back doubting my team we can’t do this we can’t do that that’s all I been hearing in 2015 before that season started lol I can’t wait to be underdogs all season that’s how we got to 15-1 in 2015 because of the doubters and being underdogs this is beautiful

    1. delugedrapture past his prime? Brady’s been the MVP runner up the last 2 seasons. I here what you’re saying about turning 40 and all the unknowns that come with that but to say he’s past his prime is kind of ubsurd.

    2. Hank Hill then jim irsay should be fired when he forced peyton manning to leave and draft luck.
      peyton still had 3 hall of fame years in him and won a SB and went to 2 with the broncos

    3. +starlord ya but his only sb win in denver was brought on completely by the broncos defense. Luck is doing better statistically then Peyton manning did in his first 5 seasons with the colts so it was a smart move. Peyton couldn’t have done any better leading the Colts since he left

    1. Americas Team
      Yes he is lebron of the nfl

  4. Andrew Luck>>>>>>> Newton. More pressure on Newton because he needs to prove that he can win after only having like one good season and that was when they had a top 5 defense.

  5. Maybe if they had decent protection from their o-lines and Luck had an actual defense and run game

  6. Cam , he needs a bounce back year after an abysmal 2016. Luck has always been good he was surrounded by hot garbage on the field and in the front office

  7. Russell Wilson and cam Newton have had something Andrew luck hasn’t,and that’s a top five… hell even a number one ranked defense to take pressure off of them. Last year the Colts SHOULD have been 10-6…if it wasn’t for that terrible defense blowing two late leads in the closing seconds of the games. Grigson definitely stalled Luck’s progression.

  8. “It’s time to elevate the Colts the way Russell Wilson has elevated the Seahawks”

    Hahahahahahaha Michael Silver stop being a joke. Let’s compare the defenses and running games both of them have had until now

  9. Luck. Cam’s line is pretty bad, but Indy has a vertical passing game, but doesn’t have a run game like Cam will. The o-line can’t pass protect

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