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Alexander Gustafsson vs. Glover Teixeira | UFC FIGHT NIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

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Check out all the action as Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teixeira face off on UFC Fight Night.

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73 thoughts on “Alexander Gustafsson vs. Glover Teixeira | UFC FIGHT NIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

  1. Gustafsson looked amazing after the 1st round and could definitely beat DC and Jon Jones in a rematch. Glover Teixeira just looks old and to slow.

    1. Plank 2×4
      He didn’t knock out Gustafson, he tko’d him. The ref jumped in and saved him.

    2. Plank 2×4
      Yes, it is…the ref saved him from taking unnecessary shots against rumble, he wasn’t unconscious, so how was he brutally knocked out?

    1. Thats so false.
      Yes black people genetically have better bodies than any race but does that make them the best athletes?
      I mean in terms of basketball and running yh but anything else is doubtful.

    2. Andre Knowledge357 You’re the dumbest person I’ve ever seen, delete all of your social media and never say a word again.

    3. +Martian Manhunter
      How self-deluded are you? Nothing I’ve said comes close to being untrue. I’m sorry you can’t handle reality.
      But seriously, if white and Asian people allow handicaps in university, why don’t white and Asian athletes get the same in return in the world of sports? Give white and Asian fighters a round. It’s only fair.

    1. Do you guys think Jimi Manuwa belongs in the conversation somewhere? Or not yet?

  2. You can be a badass. But ur Never be gustafsson knocking out teixeira and asking bis wife to Marry him badass

  3. Don’t let this distract you from Michael Bitchping running away from Romero. Talks about how gustafsson runs away. Bro you’ve been ducking and running from Romero since you’ve had the belt. Hasn’t even faced a guy that is top 5. Doesn’t desserve that belt. Not even fighting top contenders. UFC is starting to look money hungry rather then the best guys fight the best guys.

    1. you know hes waiting on Mayweather Mcgregor already signed the contract. Please inform yourself before you talk on the subject

    1. AJ, who wasnt even champ, bent Gus over and had his way with him in the center of the ring…

    2. Pirate Gaming Lucky punch? Gus threw a front kick, AJ caught it and landed a power shot right to the temple of Gus and gave him no time to recover.

  4. you would think glover would learn to avoid uppercuts considering rumble KO him stiff last fight .

    1. elver galarga Glover has an issue with strikes down the middle (teeps, push kicks, straights and uppercuts), but he doesn’t seem to be addressing it. What’s going to stop his next opponent from doing the same thing…

    1. michael puente Dude his coach was the boxing coach for the Swedish Olympic Team. He boxed Jon Jones up as well. Jon Jones will always be the GOAT but i dont know what he looks like now. But this Gus beats ufc 197 Jon and UFC 210 DC. I have always said Gus will be champ and i think he will be soon. But his hype train buddy Jimi Manuwa will get the title shot after JJ vs DC who btw got slept by Gus and AJ.

    2. Its easier to have more snap on your punches when your opponent is old and has no head movement.

    3. I’m Awesome Mateeee he trains with the Tank Illir Latifi who is an Olympic Wrestler. And Gunnar Nelson who is one of Renzo Gracie’s top bjj black belt and probably the best in Europe, surely in Iceland. He has great ground game, took JJ down several times.

    1. Trapperjohn1000 Yeah, I agree. If you actually watch the fight with no sound and actually pay attention without biased, Gus beat Jon the first time.

    2. +angelo shamus It’s hard to explain, us that train in MMA usually break down film in silence. The commentators can usually distract you and sway your opinion. Also just watching a fight a single time doesn’t really do any justice, you need to watch it more than once to have a refined opinion about it. That make sense?

  5. the running away is genius. something different the opponent didnt prepare for. it worked. so shut your mouth bisping.

    1. You can hate on Bisping, I don’t really like him either, but he was not wrong about the turning and running being a bad thing. If he tries that with Jones it wont end well for him.

    2. As much as people complain, running is a vital part to combat. It really is, I always thought it would be interested to see a fight on a basketball court instead of a cage.

    1. Supermoney97 anytime a fighter puts his hands on his hips during the fight he loses

  6. this tells u how strong rumble is. one uppercut and he put glover to sleep. guftasson needed to land 3 and a hook for the finish. not saying thats bad. rumble is just incredibly strong.

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