home UFC & MMA Alexander Gustafsson discusses his war with Glover Teixeira | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

Alexander Gustafsson discusses his war with Glover Teixeira | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Hear from Alexander Gustafsson after his battle with Glover Teixeira.

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54 thoughts on “Alexander Gustafsson discusses his war with Glover Teixeira | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

  1. You won the fight and your Viking gf said yes. Wow life is good right now I bet.

    1. Aben shitiri destroys his enemy then marries his princess, that’s how Vikings do it. 👊🏼

    1. Tanner Calo watch the first fight, getting in close was no issue for Alex

    1. Rumble is a KO artist. If the KO doesn’t work, he is lost. That’s why he got through all those fights, but just couldn’t beat DC.

  2. Dude looks so smitten haha. Coming down from the proposal nerves. Humble guy, trying not to smile too much but inside he’s doing cartwheels his girlfriend said yes. Looked more intimidated in front of his girl than in front of Glover lol Congrats

    1. he turned his back and sprinted away from Glover about 10 times per round. you have to be really really dense not to see that. its what Overeem does but Overeem fights guys with more than 60″ reach and he gets KTFO because its a cowardly tactic, Gus does it worse than Overeem. Its not fighting, its technically against the rules.

    2. It’s not against the rules to move out of the way and keep distance. If anything it’s the opponents fault for not being able to close the distance.

    1. MrEanthori9012 Undizputedundadog he has never been on peds, he has improved since he fought with jones so gus could win over jones this time

  3. I’m happy for him, considering how terrible it went the last time he got to fight in his country

    1. Charles Smith yeah man that was such a brutal end to that fight.. and who’s to say what would have happen had rumble not heard Gus’s corner. maybe gus should of had someone cornering him in swedish instead of English

    2. +It’s_David_Pryor and Gus listens to everything they say to the point that’s he’s literally stopped fighting and looked at them to hear better. He really trusts his coaches more than any fighter I’ve ever seen.

    3. Charles Smith that’s true, I’ve noticed Gus moreso than other fighters really does what his corner ask. it’s almost like his coaches are playing a video game. they tell him what they want and he executes it.

  4. Jones is no longer on roids, and DC is getting older. Gus is the next champ for sure

    1. next champ of the 200m sprint maybe. the guy runs away from his opponents worse than anyone I ever seen

  5. Last time I came this early Michael Chiesa’s mum was kinda disappointed…

  6. yeah but where’s the viking’s off sweden when the muslim’s are raping your whole country.

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