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5 Superstars from the NXT season you weren’t meant to see

NXT the TV series launched the WWE careers of Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett and more, but it wasn't supposed to end. These five Superstars nearly debuted on a lost season of the series.
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70 thoughts on “5 Superstars from the NXT season you weren’t meant to see

  1. James Ellsworth should be the next WWE Champion, After all he did win the first women’s MITB ladder match and became Miss Money In The Bank. *DUH*

    1. James Ellsworth you should do what Hornswoggle did and win the cruiserweight title and make it worthless

  2. NXT has produced a lot of great talent, which will only continue under Triple H’s guidance.

    1. Sami Zayn and Nakamura have no character or charisma?
      next your gonna tell me Undertaker has no ring talent.
      People don’t care about great matches?
      So I guess that Michaels vs Taker match is nothing but a jobber dark match.

    2. so you rather have them make great promos instead of have good matches ? okay lol. Maybe if Raw stopped using so much filler and let them do what they need to do and not limit them their ratings would go up. Smackdown is doing okay but most people dont watch it because they dont have the big stars like it use too.

    1. DASCHCLOYN DETLEF STEVES I know that she’s not the actual Ms.MITB, she should have been.

    2. Becky Lynch as long as it’s off Brock before Mania I could care less who’s universal champion

    1. Jinder was getting buried regularly until he became number 1 contender (maybe not by cena or roman, but by Sami Zayn, Ziggler, Ambrose, Lesnar, Kane, Undertaker, Rawley, and tons of others.), then he suddenly became WWE Champion for a deal with Indian businessmen.

    2. Don’t forget he went from a solid midcarder winning a fair amount of matches to form the new J O B Squad with Slater and McIntyre and got buried along with Drew

  3. Let’s play a game,What number of like you are is who you are

    1.Finn Balor

    2.Seth Rollins

    3.Randy Ortan

    4.Samoa Joe

    5.Brock Lesnar

    6.Kofi Kinston

    7.Baron Corbin

    8.Stone cold Steve Austin


    10.Roman Reigns

    0.Dean Ambrose

    Let me start off.I am Finn Balor

    1. that match has nothing on shelly martinez vs rebel. technical masterclass right there

  4. WWE creative is known to destroy NXT talents….Zayn, Cesaro, Bayley are a few examples

    1. You forgot to add Jinder to that list. Up until now he’s been an absolute Jobber.

    2. but he’s wwe champion at least for now. though he is good at mic, but his in ring skills suck

    3. He’s absolutely amazing on the mic, I just wish they’d have built up his in ring talent a little more, and gave him longer then 24 hours as a push.

    1. Akshay Kaushit come on don’t you get butthurt when someone comment something bout your favourite stuff?

  5. Let’s play a game,  the last digit in your likes is the 1# Contender for which championship you get…

    1. Universal Champion
    2. WWE Champion
    3. NXT Champion
    4. Intercontinental Champion
    5. United States Champion
    6. Cruiserweight Champion
    7. UK Champion
    8. Raw Women Champion
    9. Smackdown Women Champion
    0. Raw/Smackdown Tag Team Champion

  6. Who else liked NxT before the re-brand? i liked Nxt Nexus and NxT divas i mean the ones with Byron Saxton,Fandango and Brodus Clay were pretty bad but i liked NxT first few seasons obviously its ten times better now but people make out like the original NxT was the worst thing ever.

    1. NXT after the contests when no one watched it was the best. Johnny Curtis/Maxine storyline was great.

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