2017 Finals MVP Kevin Durant & 2X NBA Champion Stephen Curry lead the Golden State Warriors over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the 2017 NBA Finals. Watch an exclusive behind the scenes look at the whole series with the 2017 NBA Finals Mini-Movie.

The Mini-Movie is a cinematic experience featuring EXCLUSIVE access and behind the scenes moments!

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57 thoughts on “2017 NBA FINALS FULL MINI-MOVIE

  1. I’m hoping LeBron rebuilds his super team so it’s a interesting finals next year… Subscribe to me for the latest Daily Sports News!

    1. This is exactly what the problem with the NBA is. People act as if it just revolves around Cavs and Warriors now. There are still 28 more teams

    2. If the good players keep joining the Cavs and Warriors them it will be all about them and we will keep having Cavs and Warriors every year in the finals. We need to let other teams have a chance to get these players in trades or free agency so that it’s not Cavs or Warriors winning the championship every year

    3. You mean LeGM? LeGM has ti communicate to LeCoach to make sure everything goes smoothly

  2. Bruh if you actually thought the cavs was going to beat the justice league…I mean the warriors then you are crazy

  3. Last years finals was so meaningful. “LeBron finally delivers his promise to Cleveland and brings them their first championship in 50 years” This year had no storyline and was boring.

    1. wassup YouTube That could have saved kd from going to the warriors if they didn’t blow it

  4. KD is the greatest scorer ever. Not even MJ can score like him
    This Warriors team is the greatest team ever and nobody could guard them. They can play in any era, cause the 80s and 90s physicality is overrated. Retards think they was hitting u everytime u went to the rim lol

    1. i do think kd is better (just an opinion) because he is a way better shooter and he has bigger size advantage, but i know that the record still shows that mj is 10× scoring champs

    1. lmao warriors blowing that 3-1 lead got yall bandwagoners mad asf yall tryin so hard to push this 😂😂😂

    1. MindWalker just like all the unnecessary hate to KD? Y’all act like KD murdered a person and got away with it the way y’all cry about him DAILY

  5. People are saying Kevin Durant is better than lebron because of 1 finals lebron has 3 championships and Kevin has 1 idk why people r saying kd is better kd had to win a championship with an already super team and lebron made it to the finals 8 times and won 3 in 14 years and Kevin has been to the finals 2 times and won 1 in 11 years

    1. StephenCurry #30 all I have to say is KD is good but not because better than lebron here’s my top 5 best player (MY OPINION) is 5.Magic 4.kobe 3.Kd 2.lebron 1.James Jones

    2. eBron James I thought 73-9 meant nothing??? Why bring it up? Literally means nothing, would be like bringing up KD’s shoe size or something.

  6. Cleeeeeeeeeeeveland!!! Cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveland!!!!!! This is for you!!!!! This L is for you!!!!!!

  7. Everyone before the series was talking about how curry didnt perform in last years finals… I dont hear nobody giving him props now after a incredible finals 💯💯💯👑👑👑

  8. Wow…even after playing on multiple teams loaded with all-stars LeBron is still 3-5 in the finals.

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